Friday, September 12, 2008

HowFreshEats is not Dead... Just Moving.

You heard it. He finally gained the courage to move his shit. I have no clue what it's like to travel light. I've been lugging this anchor around for years. I went to Charleston with tons of stuff, and came back with more. Moved to Woodlawn, and leaving with more- at least at the moment. And now I'm off to Inwood and just put a bullet in my head. But I'm too invested to back out now.

Whenever the idea of relocating would pop up in the noggin, little birds would tweet and flap their wings, and then BAM, a crate of records would smash their little delicate frames. I'm not trying to fill your heads with gory, macabre images, but that's how it went. I was a prisoner of my own doing. Today I am happy to proclaim that those chains of oppression have been shattered and I'm a free man. Hide the women, lock up the babies and keep the livestock in their pens.

I wish my move would be as easy and free spirited as what is pictured above. Give me a frame and I'll hang myself with it. Ugh. Instead I'm working with what's below. I am sending out an open invitation to anybody that would love to partake in the move of 2008. Meet at 9am at the corner of 235th and Katonah and the party will start. Whatever you want from Sean's Irish Deli- I got you. Blood pudding, white pudding, Irish bacon, lucozade, chicken curry, scones- charge it to the game. Then I'll hit you with the tostones or mofongo in the new hood.

With all that said, until I'm back online, postings will be limited- as if they haven't been lately. Technically I've been involved with the move since the 1st, so I have a reason for lackluster productivity. So don't forget about me. Just peruse some other sites for your weekly/daily fix and I'll be back very shortly with some mind blowing, out of this world content.

Only problem I have now is which borough to rep at a party- do I lock and load the nickel plated twin milly when they shout "Is Uptown in the house?" or stay loyal to my roots and squeeze the blamma when they ask "Is the Bronx in this Motherfucker?" Time will tell.


Allen said...

As Pharoah says, "GET THE FUCK UP!!!"

Most non-NYers probably think anything north of Washington Heights is the Bronx anyway, and that's assuming they've even heard of the heights.

thekid10705 said...

"Dog Are You Fucking' Kidding me??/" Change is good and you're commute is probably easier!!Now you reppin' the A and the 1 trains again?? Stand up!!!

Sorry I haven't been on the site, the kid was overseas this summer..You know what it is, we got work to do etc..Jawbreakers..I'll Hollaaa!!!

thekid10705 said...

How Fresh ain't eating he's moving!!!Yo, I'm currently unemployed so if you need a hand get at my cuz!!