Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The Summer of HowFresh.

Where the fuck have I been? All over the place and about to cover more ground. I know the posts have been sparse, and that's being very generous. Absent is more like it. I'm not giving up- just having an incredible summer and trying to enjoy every minute of it. Yeah- maybe my priorities haven't been in the proper order, but guilt was so 2008 so I'm not trying to lament my dormancy. I am fully aware of it though, and it's bothersome. The intentions are there- for real for real, but apparently the actions haven't been. The engine is revving hardbody, but the car is in park.

So I'm about to drive cross country and see some shit. Some major shit. To say I'm excited would be an understatement. 5 days to travel to Seattle from Pittsburgh. I still consider that x-country. Who wants to see 6 hours of boring Pennsylvania anyway. Dem Durty and Howfresh, the super Chucktown DJ crew circa '03 will be hitting the Interstates. I know for a fact I'm catching PNC Ballfield to see some Pirates v Phils and hopefully the Bucs will put it on the soon to be former World Champs. Howfresh will most definitely eat PNC. I'd like to thank Jet Blue for having some shitty routes, thus causing me to procrastinate on purchasing their all-you-can travel ticket for $600 between Sept. 8 and Oct. 8. They got me thinking and then the Holy One Blessed Be He looked out for the kid with this magic carpet taking off from Steel City.

I never imagined I'd be in Seattle anytime in my life and now I'll be there twice in less than a 3 month period. Must be the bivalves- true story. Portland to follow and the grand finale being San Fran. Word is born, oops- Bahn, I will be having some fucking fun. De La in Portland, AT&T Ballfield, Safeco, Yellowstone, you already know. Who knows, while in Oregon I might just hit up Beaverton and get that swank Nike job I've always desired. Or at least get in the employee store and go ape shit.

And I finally got my camera back. It broke the night of the Peter Rosenberg x Raekwon Noisemakers event and life hasn't been the same since. I love the camera, but Canon needs to re haul their customer service. Now that my baby is back in my arms I can breathe (and post again).

Yeah- I found the Mighty H joints. Frank's Chop Shop had them hiding, but I can sense an H from miles away. There's a very special H in the pipeline. And now F hats are on the hitlist. Peep the buttahs above. Like I need another fucking excuse to melt my cheddar.

Here are some videos I took over the past 2 months. Unfortunately I didn't have my camera for the Ghost/Meth/Red show- one of the best concerts I've ever been to. Also missed out on filming the Kane at Prospect Park and Rakim at Highline. At least I had an extra hand to double fist.

Slick Rick- Mona Lisa @ East River Park NYC 7/23/09

Raekwon- Wu Gambinos @ Noisemakers with Peter Rosenberg 7/29/09

Jadakiss- Made You Look @ Sneakerpimps NYC 6/27/09

Clipse- Grindin' @ Sneakerpimps NYC 6/27/09


Jay Williams said...

Hit up Primanti Bros in Pittsburgh. But you probably knew that already.

Jew said...

Made to order Donuts at Lola in Seattle.

buckemdown said...

Voodoo Donuts in Portland - you already know

thekid10705 said...

Rickey with the chains is the best! Enjoy your travels Fresh. does this mean there's no derby this year?

Roscoe's chicken n waffles on Pico in LA !

Jay Williams said...

Just went to Hot Doug's in Chicago last week. Worth the 3 hour wait. It felt like the OB4CL of hot dog/sausage places.

HowFresh said...

Was reading about Hot Doug's the other day. The duck fat fries look serious. Which dogs did you try?

Jay Williams said...

These were off the Specials menu. And those are the duck fat fries. Don't know much about duck fat but they definitely gave the fries some richness in their flavor.