Tuesday, April 6, 2010

I do the Recruiting, I Tutor the Students... Cam'ron @ Highline Ballroom 3/31/10.

I nurture their brains, I'm moving the movement...

You might've heard there was an XXL Freshmen of 2010 show at Highline Ballroom this past Wednesday, but all I know is that I was at a Killa concert. Young rappers need teaching... Yeah, a group of cats performed, more or less internet fan-boy artists, but I was too busy sipping my cabernet to pay them any mind. Seriously? Who drinks '08 cab at a Cam show. Walk with me people.

It felt like Tramps circa '96. You know, standing around for hours, waiting for the main event. I hated it then and I despise it now. But there was a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. No rainbow. Haha. I had to laugh. Plus with the all the fuckery among the crowd, amusement was available at the drop of a dime. What kind of amusement? How about this one. I really mean it...

Some cat engages me in the following exchange as he walks to the bar:

Dude: Who's up next?

Me: No clue.

Dude: I think it's Donnis.

Me: No clue.

(Through speakers DJ screams Donnis up next)

Dude: I told you it was Donnis. You owe me a drink.

Me: No doubt. Next time.

Dude: You don't like him?

Me: Never heard of him. I'm here to see Cam.

Dude: Ahh. Which crew you like more Skull Gang or U.N.?

Me: Don't give a shit. Whichever Cam is part of.

Dude: OK. You want a drink?

Me: No thanks. I'm good.

Dude: You sure? Want a beer?

Me: Nah, I'm cool.

(puts arm around my shoulder)

Dude: I like you. (several second pause, as in silence) No homo.

Me: Thanks. No homo.

Who says that? Aside from this retard. He was a hot mess. Trying to give me a pound every time he walked past. Leave me alone, let me just live my life... So apropos. Fams, back up off me, give me room to breathe. Best believe I will take him up on that drink offer if I ever see him again though. No ho... At least he didn't tell me he loved me as he did my man's homegirl. I think they had their first date tonight. Right Yooj?

I'd say Cam hit the stage around 1 to a full house. PACKED. As my man Dallas Penn says, most of the industry shitbags shot for the exit, but who needs them anyway. I don't even know which track he came out to, never heard it before. He was rhyming over his own vocals, which is a concert no-no, but whatevs. Only lyric I remember was "Picture it, vision it, about to drop on ya'll like pigeon shit."

Vado emerged once Killa spit his shit and the crowd got even more hyped. Of all the new cats, these so-called "freshmen", Vado's probably the dopest of them all. Yeah, I might be sipping some Kool-Aid based on association, but he's been pretty consistent with dropping joints. At least he has an ear for good music. "Large on the Streets" knocks (the '10 version of Big L's "Ebonics) and "No Turning Back" is that gritty NYC Nike boots in dirty snow steez. In hindsight getting snubbed by XXL worked to his advantage. He didn't get lost among the relatively banal newjacks and had Killa as his hype man. No Byrd Lady though.

Who is she? I have no clue. Quite intrigued though. Maybe 4' 10". The right side of her head was shaved. Interesting. Check the last video below. Apparently this is the chick that sang on "Cuffin'", a track that I banged heavy in late 2009. It never made the Boss of All Bosses 1 or 2, but that beat had me from get. Yeah, Gucci Mane was on it, but he rhymed last so I just brought it back. "Yo, I get Velveeta, Chain Antarctica...My cheese American, but the cars are foreigner." Double cheese references. Wow. Peep...

Cuffin'- Cam'ron ft. Vado & Gucci Mane

The catalog is deep, but the set was short. You didn't feel gypped, just wanted more. Following Vado's set Killa set it off with "I Really Mean It." That's some grand opening, grand closing shit right there. Bananas. In no particular order he ran through "Wet Wipes", "Suck it or Not", "Get it in Ohio", "Dipset Anthem", "Down and Out", "Cuffin'" and I can't recall any other joints. No "Amber Lamps" though. "Sorry" neither. All swell god, no love lost ock.

Peep video I took below. Some is too bass heavy, and at times the camera shakes, but that's how I dooooos it. I hate recording anyway, but it's a necessary evil. The "Cuffin'" footage is courtesy of xmiltonx.

I Really Mean It

Wet Wipes

Dipset Anthem

Suck it or Not



DBDerek said...

I like this post...........no homo

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btw..they goin steady now...

Ning said...

Hey Howie, this is Ning from Baohaus! Thanks for stopping by Baohaus today! We will def keep u posted about the new spot... btw Cam is def one of our favs, sick post! :D

thekid10705 said...


Hey hey hey Ning!

Fresh, love the red wine shot. Vado killing shit right now and Cam playing hype man is classic...Who's the midget chick again?

Stop it Fiveeeeeeee!!!

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