Monday, December 31, 2007


Yeah. I did it. Copped a pair of the gray/black/infrared Adidas Runners. After being so gung ho about the black/orange pair, I flipped things up- make it interesting- you know? Am I happy about it? No. Do I enjoy anything about this purchase. No. But I do what I do. When there is no pleasure associated with this, it must be an addiction. So how do you wean yourself off of it? Buy a lesser pair? A cheaper pair? A canvas pair? A pair that isn't my size? I'm disgusted, seriously. I do really enjoy copping kicks for other people though, especially in a sz. 5.5.

And what better way to wallow in self pity then by eating- especially going out of your way to do so. The spot most recently put on my radar is Famous Fish right south of 145th and St. Nick on the east side of the Ave.- had the shrimp and chips the first time around- shrimp was no joke- tried the fish(whiting) this time. Good stuff, the batter was light and simple- heavy on pepper- a plus for me, but I preferred the shrimp. For $5.50 you can't beat it- $8 for the shrimp.

Hit up that Throwback comes to Harlem show last night at the Apollo- Big Daddy Kane, Das Efx, Brand Nubian, CL Smooth, Dana Dane, Soul 4 Real, Jeff Redd, Christopher Williams, and Johnny Kemp. Roster was crazy- of course Kane did his thing- never disappoints. Seeing Das was cool- but I rather listen to the CD or hear it on the radio- they're not that relevant in hiphop today, and the memories are enough. CL without Pete Rock is lacking but throw on Reminisce Over You and it's a wrap regardless. Brand Nubes have enough dope shit that it'll work regardless- short set, but did the hits. Grand Puba sparked it with What's the 411- aight. The R&B impressed me the most- Jeff Redd killed it- You Called and Told Me and I Found Lovin' are classics and the dude can perform- side note- he was an A&R at MCA when I was there. Soul 4 Real did their thing- Candy Rain is that joint. C. Williams Every Little Thing You Do is that shit too. All in all a dope show- but after 3 hours in there you start to lose your attention. Between this one and the Nas show, I've had my fix for a minute.

Got a new joint from my man Jim Kahn earlier today. Will post it tomorrow. The dude always come through- this time spitting over some Rather Unique. Stay tuned...

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This post reminds me of my old bitch. I don't know why.