Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Cause it's 2008, Time to Set it Straight...

...Know what I'm sayin'? And Ain't No Half Steppin'- Word, I'm Ready!!

Do you believe that Long Live the Kane is turning 20 this year? And it still sounds so fresh. 11 years old and rocking that shit. I hope Allen forgives me. Fuck that- lil man's a lawyer so my influence must have paid huge dividends. Just hit me with a wing in your mini mansion- preferably on the eastern side to see the sun rise.

Happy New Year to all- 2008's going to be our year. I feel it. In all honesty, it was a really anticlimactic new year. The streets were empty, the bar was pretty empty, and there was no feeling of excitement. Nothing like previous new years that I've experienced. I was with good people, but it felt like any other night. I would have been happy at home in front of the 42" Sharp Aquos (good looking D) with some cham-pa-na (put the squiggle over the n) and someone else.

With that said, I'm looking forward to this year- even excited about it. More than I can say for years past. Time to make shit happen. This right here is a start.

My final meal of 2007 was a Piper's Kilt swiss bacon burger. No pics- my bad. 2007 was the year of the burger- mad spots opening everywhere, and celebrity chefs throwing their hat in the burger ring. And while I read so much about all these new spots and all the premier burger spots, not once was PK's ever mentioned. I haven't had many burgers that even come close. More burgers for us I guess. I always order medium rare with a slice of tomato and raw onion. Never add ketchup cause the meat doesn't need any extra flavor. The blood from the medium rare provides that little extra, and it even enhances the fries. Full disclosure- yesterday's burger wasn't cooked to my specifications- more on the medium side. A little disappointed, but the grill man must have started partying already. This is the only time the burger was ever overcooked in all my trips there. I'll let it slide.

For the burger heads, peep this... A Hamburger Today. Dope site.


buckemdown said...

Damn doggie - got me scratchin' for some ground chuck now. Good looks on the link too. I'm really feeling the vibe of this blog - keep up the good work homie.

thekid10705 said...

Yo Fresh, Love the site...I'll be on everyday..Keep me posted on the music, eats and kicks!!! Don't forget to mention the Tollgate 10 oz. burger son, you know what it is...holla at me, Buck "get a fad"...

Van Courtland said...

Dino Bravo = Hustler.

Tollgate plug thrown in. I see you.

Yo Fresh, I'm starvin God.