Sunday, January 6, 2008

The Mighty H

Some Sunday morning freshness. One day I hope to only rock H joints- with exceptions to a crisp Yankee fitted. Speaking of baseball, the stadium sign says 41 days till pitchers and catchers. I can't fucking wait. Fantasy baseball will ruin my life again. Fuck all the bullshit- we need Johan. Hughes, Kennedy, Jaba- great, but Johan gives us a ring. We get a powerful # 1 and the the rest of the rotation is fine. I love A-Rod. So should everybody else. Props to the Mets for signing Pagan. Another genius move by Minaya. He'll be scouting in the DR by 2009.


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The Chad said...

If you rock one of these, Dont sit near the back door of the bus. That shit is sniz-ached.