Sunday, January 13, 2008

Nike Air Force 1- VOTE OR DIE!!!!!!!!

In 2007 Nike celebrated the 25th anniversary of their most celebrated sneaker, the Air Force 1. Beginning in November 2007 Nike began the 1Vote campaign where the I-95 cities (NYC, Philly, and Baltimore- all of which are given credit for the sneaker's worldwide fame) get a chance to vote for their favorite model. Baltimore voted in November, Philly in December, and NYC is currently accepting votes.

Baltimore chose the Ueno Sakura, a very hard to find sneaker released in 2005. The shoe has cherry blossoms lasered on the front in recognition of the more than 1,000 cherry blossom trees in Ueno Park, in Tokyo. I imagine the appeal is due to the super limited quantity and rather excessive cost. I've seen pairs go for more than this.

Philly elected the 2003 Mark Smith Lasers, another rare and hard to find sneaker. Limited to 2,500 pairs, many people weren't able to get their hands on this one. This was one of Nike's first 1-piece designs, where the sneaker is made of only 1 piece of leather, and the swoosh and "stitch" are lasered on.

Now NYC, it's up to you to decide which Air Force 1 truly represents this great city. It's a close call so far between the 2006 Stash/Futura Insideout forces, the all purple highs from 1993 (copped them from Foot Action in Cross County when they dropped), and an all gold high top also from 1993. Disclaimer- The photo is not mine.

You might look at this and think it's just a gimmick by Nike, but some people are taking this very seriously, voting up to 600 times at a time. If you have some free time, and I emphasize free, take a glance at this tomfoolery.

Don't get fooled by all this caucus and primary talk. This is the real vote.

Check out the site for more info and up to the minute standings- Nike 1Vote.

You can vote at Jimmy Jazz on 125th St., Transit on Broadway at Bond Street, Nike Town on 57th Street, and Brooklyn USA on Fulton Street. Voting ends 1/31/08. Please make it count.


The Chad said...

My boy is pulling 2 a days huh. Fresh is on the heavy grind. I see you big guy.

I can smell the people over @ Sean Jean cooking up another Vote or Die campaign right now. "Ugh"

thekid10705 said...

I don't understand how other cities can try to compete with NYC "air force ones"..There's a reason there called Harlems or Uptowns..God Bless Nike for still putting these out on the market..

I remember freshman year of H.S.(1991) I had my mother driving me all over Fordham in the fall for the white on whites then again in the spring for a new fresh pair of white on gangster was the kid at 13 yrs.old..??

The Chad said...

About as gangster as us packin 6 heads in Nukho's 2 seater to cop Illmatic the day it dropped. (Cassette of course)

Remember dudes hanging out the sun roof and shit? Mike had the ill mustache joint.

"Word! girls used to come to school wit mad candy."