Monday, January 7, 2008


Coming up on something like this turns a shitty Monday into a, well, still a shitty Monday, but gives Tuesday some hope since the HPod will have some TREATS. Not just any treat- but some Double R # 14 buttahs. After all this time of not knowing how to come across the early Double R and G-Bo tapes, our prayers have been answered. Listening to this shit now- WOW- army jackets and iditarods. The beginning of Side B- those blends got me jumping over my leg and doing the wop- that Entouch shit is BANANAS. Can't wait to get my hands on # 13- some Yes You May remix and When I See You Smile. Peep the info below.

From G Bo's myspace-

If you are interested in ordering the G-Bo & Double R tapes on CD they are being released in 2 sets. The 1st set includes 9 thru 15 and the 2nd goes from 16 thru 21. Each set is $50 payable thru paypal if you send me your e-mail address to or via money order. Send the money order to: G-Bo Vazquez Throggs Neck Station P.O. Box 393 Bronx, NY 10465 Please indicate which set you want 1 or 2 or both. Please add $8 for shipping. G-Bo The Pro P.S. Feel free to repost...I don't have 10,000 myspace friends...Good Lookin!!!

Definitely go cop and support. This is some quintessential hiphop shit.

And for your listening pleasure...
G-Bo The Pro & Double R - Tape # 14- Side A
G-Bo The Pro & Double R - Tape # 14- Side B

Props to DJ Soul for enlightening us.


buckemdown said...

I cannot express the glee that I feel on this glorious morning. It's somewhat akin to the opening of that freshly wrapped box back on Feb. 1, 1987 only to be greeted by the greatest action hero of all time... Optimus Prime. And the mess I just made in my pants confirms that similarity. Standing ovation to you Howfresh on finding this 100ct. canary yellow in the swamps of Sierra Leone. My prayers have finally been answered - today is the day my faith in God has been restored. In the words of the great Jim Kahn, the sun showers on the kid today...

Bukakke_that_1_too said...

true feel that yes you may steez like:

Pass the mic, and watch how I rock the show
Suckers try to diss, now they got to go
I got so much talent
I get hype when I write and I might even get violent
I see and dismantle
You might be nice with the mic, but are you nice with your hands, too?

thekid10705 said...

Whoa, Fresh!!!You just brought it back..All I can remember is an endless amount of beers, park benches and these tapes...No wonder why I'm not in the NBA...Damn NYC, to many distractions as a young shorty....

Sais said...

I am giving this the Level 7 treatment tomorrow. I need a new SAiSpod too

get outta here that zshare is having that .. your download will start in a couple seconds joint -=0o

The Chad said...


Just playing Fresh. This is you hommie.