Thursday, January 10, 2008

Best of 2007- So Many Records to Choose From...

WOW- this blogging shit ain't easy. Uploading, emailing, writing- this shit takes forever, but I'm not trying to half ass this, so I'm putting in work.

I would have preferred posting this a week ago, but it's still relevant in my opinion- only the 10th. By next week it would be stale and moldy.

So here are my favorite/most listened to tracks from '07. I'm not going to do a countdown or put them in order. They're all dope- some more than others. Maybe you've heard some, maybe you've heard all, or maybe you have no fucking clue what's popping and haven't heard any. If you think I missed anything and can provide a detailed analysis as to why it should be in HOWFRESHEATS most dopafied tracks of 2007, the forum is yours. I have to say that 2007 wasn't such a great year for hiphop. Not many standout albums but some decent product. Holla.

We Roll- Pete Rock ft. Jim Jones and Max B
"Sundays is my Day/ well it's Sabbath/ Known as Ferrari Day." Yeah Jimmy- I know exactly how you feel. Hate him or love him (Mr. Jones), this Pete Rock track is BANANAS- smooth and hard at the same time. Off of NY's Finest coming this year.

Yolanda's House- Ghostface ft. Method Man and Raekwon

Best track off Big Doe Rehab. Beat is serious and these dudes are hilarious. "Should have knocked before you came in the spot/ Ghost you wrong."

Desire- Pharoahe Monch
Dope record off the solid Desire album. Sounds like some MOP in the background.

Popular Demand- Black Milk
Got put on to this dude this year- repping Detroit, he is one gifted cat. Some Dilla influence but definitely has his own sound. Title track off the LP- peep it.

Sufferin'- NYG'z ft. Lil' Fame & Rave

First time I heard this was off Evil Dee's podcast. Thought it was Primo, but later learned it's Emile. Fame gets open on some real personal shit.

125th St. Part 4- Joell Ortiz
Another cat I got put up on this year. Off Bodega Chronicles- a dope album- shows Joell at his finest. Real honest track.

So Amazing- Termanology

Had to have some Primo in hear. Looking forward to hearing more from Term in '08. Peep the video.

It's New York- Jugganot ft. Joell Ortiz and Uncle Murder

Didn't get much burn, but a hot track. Can't hate on a NY dedication.

Everything Man- Talib Kweli
First track off Ear Drum and it sets the tone right.

The Hardest- AZ ft. Style P

AZ and Styles over a Large Pro beat. Exactly.

Child of the Ghetto- Cam'ron
What's a best of 2007 without a Cam track? I definitely could have thrown more on here, but this shit always got me open. Cop Public Enemy #1.

Saigon Meets Just Blaze- Saigon
I think I played this 140 times in a row. First Sai track to make me want to here more from him. Showing Spring Valley some love.

My Corner- Raekwon
Forget where or how I found it, but glad I did. Rae gets loose on some soul shit. True true true true.

Drivin' Me Wild- Common ft. Lily Allen

This was probably the album of the year. Great follow up to Be. Good to see Common getting the props he deserves.

Key to the City- Alchemist ft. Prodigy and Nina Sky
Peep it and you'll understand. I don't need to hear Alchemist rhyme, but this beat more than makes up for it.

That Ain't Love- Little Brother ft. Jozeemo

This shit is crazy. If you're not up on LB, now you are. Produced by Khrysis.

The Glory- Kanye West

I listened to this album in order to justify why I didn't like it, but was pleasantly surprised. He can make some beats.

Brookline- Skipp Whitman
You need to see the artwork on this dude's shit. Guaranteed you wouldn't even bother listening to it. Dope track though and he can spit. Props to whentheyreminisce for putting me on.

Nostalgia- Marco Polo ft. Masta Ace
Just a solid record. After seeing Ace years ago at Tramps fucking up a freestyle and getting close to booed off stage, it's good to see him back in the mix. Check out Marco Polo too- the new wave of Rawkus.

End of Time- Jim Kahn
Definitely gave this record a lot of burn. And still do. Do yourself a favor and listen again.

Throw Some D's- Richboy
I loved this shit when it dropped. The way the beat comes in and how it rides is crazy. Can't always understand that Mobile drawl, but it was refreshing to hear a southern cat not named Wayne or Jeezy.

International Player's Anthem- UGK ft. Outkast

The Summer Record of 2007. West Side Highway, windows down and this shit pumping. RIP Pimp C.

I Get Money Remix- 50 Cent ft. Diddy and Jay-Z
Don't hate- this beat is NUTS.

P-Body- Sean Price
First single off the Jesus Price Superstar. Sean P doing his thing over some 9th Wonder.

My Drink N' My 2 Step- Cassidy
Don't ask, but this shit grew on me. Believe me, I hate Swizz singing, but it's on. Get the Petron doggie.

No Holding Back- Statik Selektah ft. AZ and Cormega
Off the most slept on album of 2007. Was bumping this before I knew it was off this album. On some jet-setting to the Caribbean.

Sunday- 9th Wonder ft. Keisha Shontelle and Chaundon

It really does feel like a lazy Sunday. She got a real nice voice and the Boogie Down's Chaundon does his thing. Off the Dream Merchant Vol. 2.

The Sun- Lord Jamar
I think this dropped in 2006, but I didn't hear it till late '07, and I make the rules. First time I heard this was at the Kurious/Brand Nubian show at the Knitting Factory and once the beat dropped this shit had my attention.

Never- Scarface
Scarface hasn't disappointed in a while. What would this be without an H-Town track? Screwed version coming soon.

Stop, Look, and Listen- Statik Selektah ft. Styles P, Termanology, and Q-Tip
Another banger off the Spell My Name Right album. Odd mix of talent, but it works.

Get It Done- Skyzoo ft. Torae
One of the best 12"s I copped in 2007. The B side- Click- is another heatrock. Both produced by Primo. The Skyzoo "Corner Store Classic" is worth a listen.

Risin' Up- Kool G. Rap

Close to 20 years since Road to the Riches and G Rap is still doing it. The beat caught me- then throw in the flow and lisp and it's a wrap.

When They Remember- Freeway

It's usually love or hate when it comes to the Broad Street Bully. I used to be on the hate side, but after "Where You Been" I fucks with the Philly cheesesteak eater- Hallal of course. When I first heard the soul sample and the drum hit, the shit had me. "Nobody but the Prophet Muhammad Islamic Scholars HOLLA/I'm bout a dolla HOLLA."


thekid10705 said...

WOW doggie, I give you a lot of credit for posting this whole shit..I can't front i haven't even heard of more than half this top plays for the year are definitely anything Cam, Ye', Ghost, Jim Kahn, and more Ye'...shit the year went quick..are we getting old?..fuck!!

Chad said...

No weed for 2 weeks = sleep disorder.

Fresh posting this @ this hour = fuck work

My fitted is off to you Fam-o

Sais said...

This motherfucker really trying to be coming for blogger's heads right now. On some real shit. Prizops. - The Black Trevor Tremaine

JoeSyms said...


R. said...

Dude, you really need to see somebody about your Dipset addiction.

thekid10705 said...

I'm so stupid, I didn't even focus on the flicks of your record collection...Holy shit, that's a mean collect'...good look Fresh, fo' realllll....

Hoover from the Group Home said...

Damn, very nice job with this. I want to sneak into your crib when you aint there and browse through all dem damn records. Sick.

Shouts from Hollywood, CA.

Sais said...

No level 7 is just plain ridiculous

HowFresh said...

Good looks peoples. I completely forgot to add Freeway- When They Remember- shit was on the original list, just a memory lapse. No more additions.

The Chad said...

I completely forgot to add Freeway- When They Remember- shit was on the original list, just a memory lapse.

Do it. Do it.

buckemdown said...

Damn How - got this kid realizing how out of the game I really am. Looks like I got my work cut out for me.

In all honesty though (true story, real talk) this has to be the most refreshing "best-of" hip hop lists I've seen. Just Google this topic, and you'll see how much garbage is out there passing for good hip-hop these days. Good looking on reminding us all that the game isn't over, it's just gotten a lot deeper - and the good stuff lays on the bottom of the ocean. Ease off on the Jim Jones though, How - you got one too many of his tracks on there.

I do have a worthwile addition though that I think you'll all appreciate... "Nostalgia" by Marco Polo ft. Masta Ace ( - make yourselves familiar. Masta Ace still doing his thing. And I've never heard of this Marco Polo cat, but at the very least he's doing an impressive Preemo impression. I'll be sure to be on the lookout for him. What, no Crank Dat? Crank dis...

buckemdown said...

I'm a fucking idiot. Goes to show that Howie really didn't miss a beat. Was just in school - really enjoying every class - when I get to the "Nostalgia" joint that I just posted about. Good thing I caught P-Body before I put that one up too. Well done, professor.

HowFresh said...

Buck- great minds think alike. In re to Jim Jones, good news. I reupped the full MP3- I put the wrong version up. You're welcome in advance.

The Chad said...

It's usually love or hate when it comes to the Broad Street Bully.

^ Free ? or Beans ?

The Chad said...

Side Note:
Ghost is back over the Rakim beat from Juice soundtrack. Its a free style but Starks killed it. Continue...

thekid10705 said...


I'll co sign that Chad

The Chad said...

I'll co sign that Chad

^^ Good cause my credit is in the bowl KID.

Jason said...

Damn kid, how come I ask your brother to put me on to some new ish and he can't? Good looks on keepin me in tune while I'm out in the sticks...

thekid10705 said...

yo, what about the dude Consequence, who I wanna say is down with Yeezy', that dude be spitting' kid...

HowFresh said...

Consequence and Ye are for the birds. We strictly doggies woof woofing in here.