Monday, January 28, 2008

I'm Fully LOX-ED and Loaded


A little machine gun funk to go along with some bagel and lox. They rarely coincide, but today's an exception.

This isn't your run of the mill bagel and lox from any bagel store/deli. This is some Russ & Daughters next level shit. Along with Murray's on the UWS, the best appetizing spot in the city. There's a reason they were responsible for the spread at my briss. WOW. I don't personally remember that- my mother reminded me.

I hadn't had lox in a minute. I rarely keep it in the crib, and unless it's of a certain quality why waste your time. Plus this is some super fishy stuff. For the squeamish seafood haters, this isn't for you. It can get a little messy and your hands can get a bit stinky, so keep enough wetknaps or Purells in tow when eating on the go.

Once you get past that, it's pure enjoyment. I ordered the Classic- belly lox (belly is very salty- Nova is a bit milder and smoked a bit) with cream cheese, tomato, and raw onion. Unfortunately the tomato and onion were missing when I opened the wrapping. Not the end of the world. The cream cheese is light and flavorful, toning down the lox and serving as the perfect accompaniment. My only issue was that the lox weren't sliced thin enough. I figured they would be, but now I know to request that or just wait for a better Lox-smith- oh shit, this kid is clever.

Now, the conclusion...

Russ & Daughters is located on Houston between Orchard St. and Allen. All pertinent info is below. It's amazing that they're still doing their thing. Who would have ever thought that a Jewish appetizing store would be squished between an American Apparel and Burkina- the tiny hiphop shop selling CDs and clothing. Now that's a wonderful thing. Katz's is down the block so the old world is still repping theirs- and you can't forget Yonah Schimmel's going towards 2nd Ave. That's the beauty of NYC.

I've walked past R&D more times than I can remember, but never made it inside. Always took a look in and knew what was going on but kept it moving. It's a neighborhood throwback, an institution that has been there and will stay- hopefully. Plus, who wants fishy hands when you're looking for records or sneakers. What really inspired me to hit it up was the show on WLIW called The Jews of New York. So I hit it up with my shana punimed shiksa. You didn't think I spoke Yiddish- did you? After seeing that woman slice those lox, I had a calling- I needed to eat it. That shit is translucent- knife work is next level. Nothing was going to stop me. The footage starts at around 1 min, but watch the rest and learn yaself! Props to Texas Paul, a closet anti-semite, for hitting me with the link. Texas does some crazy shit to you.

Bonus question- which Brooklyn duo sampled Fiddler on the Roof? Must be Crown Heights osmosis.

Fuck it- peep the track below. You better know who this is.

Caca Cosa Vixen

To wash it down and keep it in the family- Dr. Brown's. Celery soda isn't as weird as it sounds. Sprite-ish.

Russ & Daughters
179 E. Houston St. (bet. Allen & Orchard Sts.),
Mon-Saturday: 9:00 AM-7:00 PM
Sunday: 8:00 AM-5:30 PM


Allen said...

sable, sturgeon and baked salmon - don't sleep.

thekid10705 said...

let's get some "breakfast then break fast"-Kem FBK

buckemdown said...

L'chaim, Mazel Tov, black Bar Mitzvahs. How Fresh brought the Jew to Hip Hop - don't get it spun like a dreidel.

evan said...

This is our best food offering. Latkes are festive, matzo balls comforting, but lox and bagel with cream cheese bring everything together.

My normal bagel and...combination goes with a toasted bagel (Sesame, ET, Egg, Poppy), cream cheese (chive or lox) and the best friend veg of tomatoes, onion, and sometimes cucumber. OJ with the pulp down here in FLA.

Without the lox, your entry almost became designated goyisha as they can't wait to get their plain bagel, untoasted with plain cream cheese. Oh and a glass of milk!

wenfly said...

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