Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Pass the Patty Pon the Left Hand Side

I said, Pass the Patty Pon the Left Hand Side, and eat your grub.

Play this shit to get the party started- props to Nahright for the treat. I think Ghostface over No, No, No was a little grimier.

Cam'Ron- Pass The Dutchie

There are going to be 3 gems in this post so pay attention. Back from the Yard (White Plains Rd. between Gunhill and 233rd) and my patty game is back in business. The other day I mentioned the Kingston Tropical Bakery, but I don't think I fully articulated how incredible these pockets of divinity are. That's TRUE MOTHERFUCKING STORY. It was a Sunday too- I thought they were closed but Sellasie I looked out for me.

Beef patty

1 beef and 1 chicken = 1 happy Howfresh. I stopped messing with chicken patties for a minute- the Golden Krusts and other bakeries just don't do it right- sloppy meat and all that. But after this one, I might only fuck with the pollo. Be clear that the beef are the best out, but the chicken patty had me at hello. Shit was incredible. A little sweet, a little savory- and the crust was on some Ghostface you sexy motherfucker damn what's the recipe steez. I would eat the crust alone- but they don't sell it.

The beauty of this patty is that there is minimal flaking. Chicken seemed to flake a little more than the beef, but nothing major. You know when you're driving and chomping on a patty you're yellow crumbed out. Shit gets everywhere and you need to get out to sprinkle off. Not these- they stayed in tact and behaved.

The consistency of both the chicken and beef were perfect- not too chunky and not too pureed. None of that hot beef liquid oozing out the side burning the roof of your mouth. They feel substantial, not a brick, but far from too delicate. This is the perfect patty.

Chicken patty

As if putting you on to this wasn't enough, the following album will force you to go out and buy a tank top with mad holes.

DJ Double R- Old School Reggae # 1

Kingston Tropical Bakery Incorporated
4000 White Plains Rd (226th St.), Bronx, NY 10466
(718) 798-0076
2/5 Train to the 225th St. stop
I think they're open 7 days a week, but call first.

Moodie's Records is down the block on 225th for the most recent reggae 45s as well as hiphop upstairs.


evan said...

I can get down with your thoughts on the consistency front. Biting into a patty and having a filling resembling loose stool leaking out is the line. I need a crispy, but flaky crust that doesn't get soggy either.

Watch out for the fish patties, those are all or nothing when it comes to goodness. And none of that mild shit either. I need a burn from the temp and the spice.

thekid10705 said...

I only eat this stuff when I'm down in J-A..Word, Ghost definitely ripped No,No, No but you gotta love Killa...Keep grindin' Fresh, I know it ain't easy..
Sidenote: No flicks or posts about how we waited all night Sunday for Ricky to perform for like 20 mins?...