Friday, January 18, 2008

Blogger's Block is Blocking the Blog.

The kid's experiencing some major Blogger's Block. Or it could just be exhaustion. All day I was excited that it's Friday and I kept singing Zhane in my head. It's Friday night and the weekend's here...It's here and I'm toast.

I still couldn't come empty handed. The new Buckshot & 9th Wonder joint has been popping up throughout the blogosphere and it's crazy. Their first collabo "Chemistry" was a great album. By the look of things, their new album "Formula" due to be released April 15th will follow suit. Buckshot over dope beats is always a success.

Buckshot & 9th Wonder- Go All Out


The Chad said...

You have nothing to write about, So you write about having nothing to write about...Quite the paradox sir.

9th Wonder & Buckshot Chemistry LP is a classic. Go cop it if you don't got it.

The Chad said...

Did I mention I was first...DURSH DURSH DURSH...What is that corn ball shit any way?


None of that homo shit over here.


A-yo The Kid..Get @ Me Bro-seph!