Tuesday, January 15, 2008

I'm a Pizza head, I eat Calzones that excite the feds.

I love calzones. But I didn't eat them for a long time. Finding a good one wasn't easy. Half the time they were too doughy or too cheesy and didn't make for a pleasurable dining experience. So I quit. Just a slice or a hero from the pizzeria and I was gone.

Then a couple of years ago playing ball, a Riverdale hoop legend named Al Pine (that's really his name) put me on to 3 Boys From Italy Pizza on Burke Ave. and White Plains Road. I don't even know how it came up, but he swore by their calzones, and that was all I needed. Since then I try to get there at least twice a month. The calzones are serious. They're big, filled with plenty of meat or cheese, and thin and crisp on top. These fill up the biggest eater. I'm not even sure what else to write to convey how good they are. The $3.50 cost doesn't hurt either, $4 for the chicken.

You can choose from Cheese (ricotta), Sausage & Peppers, Meat & Cheese, and Chicken Parm. I usually go with the meat or sausage & pepper, but they're all delicious. The pizza is no joke too. And if you want a great salad, the chicken cutlet salad is the BEST salad I've ever eaten from any pizzeria. Lettuce, tomato, cucumber, black olives, red onion, mozzerella cheese, and a generous amount of grilled chicken cutlets, doused in oil and vinegar. This was my Sunday night HBO salad for 2 for years. I have people visiting me from the Midwest just for this salad.

Three Boys From Italy Pizzeria
704 Burke Ave. off White Plains Rd.
Bronx, NY


If you're not driving, the 2/5 train Burke Ave. stop is 20 feet away.


Sais said...

Best. Topic ever.

thekid10705 said...

Fresh, what about Braodway Joe's on 242st?..They use to hold down the calzones, with the sauce inside em'...wooo, memories kiddd!!then a nice cold' 40oz. outside the shop to wash it down...circa early/mid 90's....

The Chad said...

No Nap's? Googs is tight right now B.(And he is upset too)

Hoover from the Group Home said...

Damn that looks good. For pizza, Gino's on South Broadway in YO. Did that fat little fuck take over for his Dad yet?

I used to steal cans of paint at the hardware store and go get a slice, and then maybe a movie at Park Hill.

thekid10705 said...

Hoovie, the fat fuck is no longer fat(maybe he stopped eating the profits..?!?!?)I think I caught a slice with you then Naked Gun at Park Hill with you?...as for rakkin' paint, ZYCE CTK stand up!!

sidenote:Fresh stop eatin' and start bloggin', we hungry out here in the streets kidddd!!

thekid10705 said...

Oh Chad, Googs is def tight..."Looks like he's got a wedgie"...I'll hollaaaaaaa!!!!

The Chad said...

For pizza, Gino's on South Broadway in YO.

^^ Preach Brother Preach.
Saw Batman @ Park Hill. Dudes were smoking that piff in there. I was a shook little prick back then. Batman was flav's though.

..."Looks like he's got a wedgie"...I'll hollaaaaaaa!!!!

That's my man but it looks like he climbed out of the pool b. What up G? You know I got you hommie. Nobody is safe in blogland. Not even Me.

Nah I'm Good.

The Chad said...

I wonder if Fresh even reads this shit?

I wouldn't. Most of it is mindless drivel anyway.


thekid10705 said...

dudes are slacking on there blogging kiddd and I smell blood!!!!

I'll take that and 2 burger's kidddd!!!!

HowFresh said...

Don't mind me- I'm just lurking on this one.

Hoover from the Group Home said...

Damn 10705....you were a shorty when we went to Naked Gun! But you're right.....:

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