Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Rickey Wants to Know Why Rickey Wasn't the First Unanimous Hall of Famer.

So does Howfresh. The dude was incredible. The greatest lead-off hitter in the game. And he wore #24. Don't think that my Yankees jersey is for Cano, or Tino, or Kevin Maas, or Sidney Ponson. #24 will always be for Rickey. Sorry Robbie. Maybe get your shit together in 2009 and we can talk.

I'd like to send out a big Rickey is the Greatest of All Time congrats to my fellow Capricorn. I see you looking in the crowd like "who the fuck didn't vote for Rickey?" I know Rickey. Corky Simpson has a posse. They eat dinner at 4pm and still reminisce about the Polo Grounds. 28 voters didn't vote for Rickey. 2 were boycotting the steroid era. That still leaves 25 not including Corky. Rickey doesn't like that. Rickey thinks they stupid. Rickey knows who you are. And Rickey will haunt you. But seriously, kidding aside, how could you not vote Rickey in? Your voting privileges should be revoked indefinitely. McGwire, Bonds, Sosa, Clemens- I can understand the clouds that hover. But Rickey? Come on now. It's not good for the game. Because Mays, Dimaggio and Ruth weren't unanimous every player will have to pay the price? Get off that bullshit.

Who didn't shag fly balls in the outfield and slam your glove against your leg, and in the process drop the ball. Rickey didn't lose the ball. Who didn't talk to himself at bat and not sound like a complete lunatic. Rickey didn't.

All Time Runs leader, Most Stolen Bases EVER, 2nd All Time for walks, 10 time All Star, 1990 MVP, .820 career OPS, Gold Glover, and the BEST ever at referring to oneself in the third person, aka an illeist- you hear that Rickey was and is the ILLEIST. Naughty By Nature had a song for him. Rickey loves that shit. Rickey would be my undisputed first round pick every year in fantasy. He would win you a championship. Just Rickey.

Jose Reyes wishes he could even hold Rickey's jock strap. Lo siento Jose, pero nunca. NUNCA. Jerk.

If you're not up on the genius known as Rickey please check The Definitive Rickey Henderson: The 25 Best Stories of "Rickey Being Rickey" over at FanIQ. Rickey thinks they're awesome. And so do I. Here are a couple:
5) This one might be my second favorite. This wasn’t too long ago, I think it was the year he ended up playing with the Red Sox. Anyway, he called San Diego GM Kevin Towers and left the following message: “This is Rickey calling on behalf of Rickey. Rickey wants to play baseball.”

11) Henderson broke Ty Cobb’s career record for runs scored with a home run. After taking his usual 45 seconds or so around the bases, Rickey slid into home plate.

15) The Mets were staying in a hotel less than a mile from Cinergy Field in Cincinnati. While some players walked, most took the team bus. A few minutes after they arrived — again it was less than a mile – the last players off the bus noticed a stretched limo that had just pulled up.

Of course, Rickey emerged from the back seat.

On behalf of Rickey, Congrats Rickey.


Allen said...

Watching Harold Reynolds interview Rickey on Hotstove was great. First, Reynolds is great and what is the exact reason ESPN got rid of him?

Second, Reynolds won the SB crown when Rickey got injured one year with 60 sbs. Rickey laughed saying he would've had that at the all-star break. The best is that Rickey confirmed the million-dollar check on his wall story. Priceless. And he claims he was as good a running back as OJ Simpson. The man's amazing.

Derek said...

Harold was fired for sexually harassing every girl hired by ESPN.