Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Welcome to the '09.

While other places might have festive images of bottles popping and balls dropping- whoa- I got guns. You got he got they got...We got guns, big ones, extra large heat. Humongous shit that won't fit up under your car seat. It would be extra cool if the above pistol was manufactured by Heckler & Koch- give this post a little H flavor. But it's not, just a Glock. With that we should all have a peaceful, healthy and prosperous 2009.

Already I'm off to a bad start. It's been only 6 days and the resolution has gone to shit. I told myself no blogging in the new year. Time to get outdoors, read, do laundry, change sheets, floss, throw out garbage, and shit like that. But I couldn't stay away from the internets. Honestly, I should have 10 posts locked and loaded already. Right. Who the fuck am I kidding?

As you read this I am in the process of compiling every "best of '08" list known to man. Beats, eats, kicks, fitteds, and so on. I'm in the lab each night burning that midnight oil so that I can read about what I like. Ain't that some egregiously on my own tip shit? Nah, just a little self absorbed. That's it. Hopefully these lists will be out by 2nd quarter '09. Sort of like the Howfresheats quarterly report. Investors will be able to see how we ponzi. No Madoff though. I would never steal from a friend. What a fucking dirtbag.

While I don't have any music to offer, restaurant to recommend, or sneaker to gush over, I don't come fruitless. The Professional Bull Riders tour is at the Garden this weekend and while all you too cool for bulls city slickers might turn up your urban nose, don't sleep. This shit is dope. 1,500 pound steers unleashing pure violence on some crazy westerners is very enjoyable. Especially in person. And it's at MSG. One night you see the Knicks lose to the Oklahoma City Thunder- really?- and the next you're in the World's Most Famous Arena catching wafts of bull shit. No bullshit. It's popping Friday to Sunday so get involved. Tickets are available HERE. If you're not convinced, peep this article in Monday's NY Times about the life of a bull rider. I'll stick to my current relationship with the bovine creatures, eating them.


AdebolaVirusSunshine said...

bull bullshit, I fuckin' love it.
-Manny in blue & orange

Paul said...

thats as close as I want to get to looking down the barrel

HowFresh said...

AVS- Manny's going to be a Knick? Bananas. Tex looks good in the pinstripes. Can't wait for the next signing. No bullshit.

Paul- I hear that. You should engrave the nozzle and ask your next opponent to read it back to you.

Lesley said...

Howie, you are my new favorite of Rodney's friends. I have been a true fan of the PBR for three years now. I know the rules, the bulls, and the riders. This is my third year going to the event at MSG and I have convinced about 13 people to join me over these three days. Thanks for putting even more folks on. It really is one of the coolest sporting events you will see at MSG and a damn good show. I REALLY wanted to go to the PBR event at Mariner's arena in Baltimore last weekend. You know who wouldn't take me? Rodney. Thanks for proving me right.