Monday, October 5, 2009

Cease & Desist- the Ari Menthol documentary 7 pm tonight @ Barbes in BK.

If you're in the NYC tonight be sure to make it out to Barbes in Park Slope to check the screening of Cease & Desist a.k.a. Ari can't talk about it directed by John Carluccio, responsible for treats such as Battle Sounds, Scratch and a variety of other documentaries and shorts ranging from hip hop, to art, to food and so on.

Cease & Desist follows the release of the Ari Menthol sneaker, one of the most hyped releases during the sneaker heyday of 2006. The sneakers had a strong likeness to the Nike Air Force 1, with packaging fairly similar to a pack of Newports. The hype grew, kids waited on lines, legal issues ensued and a creative concept turned into a headache for Ari Forman. Carluccio was there at the release and linked up with Ari years later to discuss the legal quagmire brought on by 2 corporate behemoths. Sneakerhead or not, the film touches on general issues ranging from the creative drive to push the envelope, the fickleness of trends, and the power of corporate America.

Here's a little taste:

This screening is part of the Brooklyn Independent Cinema Series.

7 pm
376 9th St (at 6th Ave)
Park Slope, Brooklyn
(718) 965-9177


verge said...

Damn. Sorry to say, I'm not a sneakerhead, but gotdamn, I want a pair of them skits, yo.
Good shit, Fresh.

HowFresh said...

Verge if you got a G in your pocket you might be able to get fly. Real hard to come by.

Anonymous said...
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mmm that's excellent, I really enjoyed whe i saw the add of the guy eating the shoe, well the guy looked very primitive but funny.