Friday, November 6, 2009

Do You Understand How Many 27 is? A lot. Like a Real Lot.

Are you aware of the effort it took to assemble 27 pieces of Yankee paraphernalia? I mean finding all those fitteds took half a day at least. Better off I'm not working. With that said, now try to imagine the feat of winning not 1, not 5, not 10, not 20, but 27 world titles. Unbelievable.

Back on top. Not necessarily where we belong, but where we like to be. Anybody that's been a Yankees fan since the mid 90's dynasty has a skewed image of what it's like to be a Yankees fan. Don't blame us for thinking we should always be playing in October, and apparently November nowadays. It's just what we're used to. Blame George. Fucking jerk. Stop spending already. How dare you spend money to field a team that has the potential to win. Put a limit on Cashman's spending habits. The man is drunk with luxurious taste. Now let's sign Holliday and Cliff Lee and get it popping.

I'll admit, this win didn't hit me the same as the 1996 to 2000 titles. Those were special, real special. Especially for a kid that saw the miserable 1980s. Andre Robertson, Steve Balboni, Cecilio Guante, Bobby Meacham. The list goes on. Then we're doing it in '94 and the strike hits. And then the grueling loss to the Mariners in '95. Then Torre signs. The guy had a sub .500 record. How could any fan be excited about that? And then the magic happened. And kept happening. I keep seeing Paulie O running in like the maniac he was and diving on the pile up. Not giving a fuck, just full of pure unadulterated joy. This team is too dainty for that? I hope not. Jumping in circles is cool and all, but, you know. Maybe pile ups are outlawed in their contracts.

But when I see Mariano, Jeter, Andy and Jorge holding the trophy it feels great. Looks great too. These dudes are unbelievable. And who knows how many more years we have with them. So we might as well cherish it while it lasts. And let's be honest, beating Philthy made it that much better. Especially with Pedro on the mound. Twice. Even if he was a hired gun, we still beat him and with conviction the second time. And knowing those terrible Philthy fans are stewing and complaining right now puts a smile on my face. I love reading the comments on these Philly sites. And if they hate then let them hate and watch the titles pile up. It's OK J-Roll you can say what you want. You're the better team? Cool with me. When I look in the books and see that the Yankees are the 2009 World Champions that's all that counts. Jimmy, you might have won the May series, I'll give you that. But unfortunately that doesn't constitute WORLD SUPREMACY. I know the frames were rose, but the lenses too? Damn homie, in '08 you were the man homie, what the fuck happened to you??

Parade tomorrow. Let's get the ticker-tape tic toc ticking. I'll be there repping hard. Maybe make out with Kate Hudson just off GP. You never know.

Ballgame over! Yankees win! Theeeeeee Yankees win!


thekid10705 said...

Ahhhhhh, it feels good to be home!!!

I got a lil' problem with AL throwing the "diamond" up at the parade!

HowFresh said...

Don't sweat it. Several years from now he'll be complaining how Jiggaman did him dirty.