Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Howfresh Will Get It Popping Again.

I slacked but I'm back. And I got theme music today. Making the internet rounds over the last couple of days, Papoose is back with "Get it Poppin' Again." An upbeat, finger snapping, head nodder that has been on repeat since the H-Pod got it's hands on it. 50 times in a row might have been too much, but it's a refreshing new track and Pap is very listenable on it. For all you that have been turned off with his pseudo-academic lyrics and off-on flow, this should make you a believer once again. Sounds like a Swizz joint, who has been stepping his game up lately. I assume Remi would be on the joint if she wasn't upstate eating balogna sandwiches. Good looks for 2dopeboyz for the treat.

Papoose- Get it Poppin' Again

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GrantC said...

That song is proper.