Wednesday, August 6, 2008

HowfreshEats Stacks (Potato) Chips Like Hebrews, Vol. 2.

Disclaimer: I am not a potato chip expert. I used to love eating them. I still do, but as I try to lose some weight and become a walking statue, chip eating will have to take a backseat. I no longer eat chips with ice cream. That's way too much fat fuckery right there.

I'm back on my potato. And I feel like shit. Who wants to eat all these chips at midnight on a Tuesday?? I do. Not really, but I've been delinquent with my posting and needed colors and a lot of pics to regain your attention. So I punished myself. Slightly masochistic, but the show must go on. In case you never saw the first installment of Stack Chips, click HERE.

So I've really been on my grind looking for chips. Luckily my favorite supermarket has been stepping up their game so I don't need to search far. Since the last chip off, I think I fell in love with something new. She sneaked (was going to use snuck but that's not proper English) into my life and continues to put a smile on my face. Her name is Boulder Canyon and you will get to meet her very shortly.

6 chips will be reviewed this evening. Almost did 7, but I don't need to be a hero.

Kettle Brand Krinkle Cut Buffalo Bleu

I should have learned my lesson last time with the Krinkle Cuts. I must have saw the K and just thought it was Kettle. I really don't care for the thickness of the Krinkle cut. Too crunchy and too much potato. Putting that to the side, the flavor is interesting, and there's a lot of it. There's a smoky spiciness, with a slight sweetness at the end of the bite. You can sense the blue cheese but it's very minor. This product contains milk for the lactose intolerant. I will have to pass on these and any other Krinkles in the future.

Kettle Brand Sea Salt & Vinegar

Now this is the proper Kettle chip. Light and thin with a nice bite to it. These have a great taste. Not too abrasive with the vinegar, just the correct amount of tang. The salt cuts the vinegar and you're left with a nice balance of flavor, almost a sweetness. While I still prefer the Lay's Kettle a bit more, these will definitely be purchased again.

Miss Vickie's Simply Sea Salt

A pleasant chip. Smaller bite sized slices of potato with a nice crunch. The potato taste is strong, with a peanuty essence at times- though it's cooked in sunflower oil. There isn't much salt on these, mellow on the pallet. For an everyday chip, these will suffice. It doesn't wow you, but it won't disappoint either.

Boulder Canyon Sea Salt & Cracked Pepper

I'd like to introduce everybody to my new squeeze, Boulder Canyon- don't be shy baby, they won't bite. Haha. She's just as new to this as me. But the feelings are so strong. Sometimes too strong, that you want to hit the brakes, but all you'd be doing is hurting yourself. What am I talking about?????? I don't know, but Boulder Canyon is levels above the competition. The quality of the chip is unparalleled to any I've had. Never too big to bite, the crunch is tremendous. And the taste of the potato has such a pleasant sweetness, absent in most other brands. They just appear to use better ingredients and it shows. This particular chip has nice sized, visible pepper flakes on each chip. I love pepper, so it works for me. The salt, pepper and sweetness provide a potato chip experience like no other. Over the weekend I (my fam and me) knocked off a Malt Vinegar and Sea Salt bag- just as delicious, and gives the afore mentioned Lay's Kettle a true run for its money. Only complaint is that I've only seen 5 oz. bags. And for $3, I'd like a little more potato.

Pringles Ranch

I've been reading that Howfresh was a chip snob. Only fucking with artisanal chips cooked in cast iron pots from the Medieval Ages. I had to dispel the rumors. I came up on dollar Lays and can still enjoy that greasy chip. These however are a bit different. And gross. Honestly, I took these home from a BBQ and they've been sitting in my kitchen. Now I can finally throw them out. Pringles aren't even a chip, they're a crisp. After 2 you feel sick. Pass.

Cape Cod Robust Russet

I used to see a variety of Cape Cod chips at my local spots, but lately the selection has been sparse. I saw these and gave it a shot. I never liked the look of the bag but didn't want to judge immediately. The russet potato is darker, as the bag says, and due to the sugar content, produces a darker chip from caramelization. These have a rich potato flavor and are lightly salted. Too rich for my liking. And the taste lingers on your tongue for a while after. Will have to find a different Cape Cod flavor next time. Pass.

If anybody has any suggestions, please throw them my way. Especially regional chips us Northeasterners might be unaware of.

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