Saturday, July 26, 2008

Longin' for some Beach and Lobster.

I must have been living in darkness for the past 20 years or so. Summer came and went and the beach never played a part. Pool neither. The only attachment to water was whatever fish or crustacean I chowed on.

Well, I finally removed the blinders and came to my senses. The kid is a self-certified beach bum. Hanging ten, clam baking, turtle waxing, sand castle making, helmet crabbing, jelly fishing and all that. And burning the shit out of my epidermals. I don't fully grasp the sun tan SPF thing. I want color so I use the 15. I should use the 30. Then I get home and realize I missed 40% of exposed skin. Fuck it. We getting color...

In case you didn't get the title, Long Beach was the beach of choice. I was going to add a "pause" but I'm not sure it deserves one. For good measure, pause. 40 minutes from the BX and you're walking on the beige sand off the Atlantic. Just catching rays baby, just catching rays. I'm like Willie Mays out there. Nothing gets by me. The eastern most part of Long Beach, bordering Lito Beach is pretty empty. The water is designated for surfers so there are less kiddies around. And the waves were in full force. The hurricanes are having a great effect on the tide. I thought I was on Waikiki Beach kowabunga-ing on some gnarly riptides- but keeping away from those ankle busters. I might terminate all sneaker purchases and go in on a surfboard. Get one with a big H on it. That's some lovely shit.

After 4 hours of basking, lunch was a calling. And if you know Long Beach, then you know Jordan Lobster Farms. Located right before the bridge to Long Beach off Austin Blvd., Jordan's waterfront patio provides for some ideal dining. Nothing beats sitting on the water cracking open the sea's delicacy. A one pounder with corn on the cob and cole slaw runs you $18.50. The current deal of 3 1 pounders for $39 is the business but I'm not capable of doing that sort of damage. They come sliced in half so the tail meat is easy to remove and the claws come semi cracked so not much muscle is needed to get into that soft creamy meat. The melted butter on the side is a baby pool of mouth watering fat. And even if I'm trying to trim down the mid-section, I dive right into it.

I started the meal off with half a dozen cherry stone clams on the half shell. Doesn't cherry stone just sound tasty. Mid-sized chewy morsels with a nice cold sea flavor. Add some lemon and cocktail sauce and the disco ball starts spinning. The cocktail sauce is really heavy on the horseradish so keep that in mind. The corn that accompanied the lobster was pretty dry and tasteless. Should have poured all the unused butter on it. Next time.

Jordan Lobster Farms
1 Pettit Place
Island Park, NY 11588
Monday - Sunday 9AM - 7PM


amanda said...

Thanks for the good eats recommendations. I will be going there this weekend, solely based on your recommendation and pics. Your post made me hunnnngry for some seafood!

On another note, I highly recommend the Jamaican cart on 51st between 6th and 7th. Great plantains, jerk chicken and stewed chicken! Plus they have all the usual, beef patties etc. They also have bread fruit w/ breakfast.

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