Wednesday, July 16, 2008


When it comes to fitteds I won't rock a Red Sox or Mets fitted. I bleed the navy and blue. Add any Boston team to the "Do Not Wear" list. Currently the Tampa Bay Rays are on the same list. If they become lovable losers later this season- they're currently on a 7 game losing streak- a Rays cap might be donnable.

I also will not fuck with a Yankees fitted if it's not navy. Specifically the interlocked NY. For years every color under the sun has been created. The combinations enter the hundreds. No matter how fresh the color or how bad I need a match for some kicks, it just can't be done. I admit, I slipped several years ago and copped an all brown fitted with a black NY and bill to match the Nordic Pack Forces. It didn't feel right when I copped it and that feeling remained. Ultimately I got rid of those kicks- I copped an 11 and 12 but really needed an 11.5- still looking if you got any- and the hat has been sent away to greener pastures- not really, I just haven't worn it.

As shown in the pic above, I spotted a New Era Yankee with velcro on Strictly Fitteds. For whatever reasons, this shit bothered me. I guess New Era's trying to take it back on some Lotto shit. Currently the hat is only available in Japan and hopefully it stays that way. It looks terrible. Imagine how fake this will look in person- the logo must be a good quarter inch off the hat. Ugh. The one great thing about the dark navy and white is that it goes with everything. Universal buttahs. No need to try and get cute.

I didn't realize how many Yankees joints I had- found about 8 in a bag just now. It got a little out of control where the minute the white band got dirty I'd have to cop a new one. Plus they shrunk very easily. The white band fitteds- used by MLB until this year were made of 100% wool. Finally MLB introduced a new fitted made of Polyester with a black band. I can say that these don't shrink. Through torrential downpours and sweat, the fit has remained the same. The bill might have gotten softer and the shape might have rounded out a bit, but the band didn't give. About fucking time MLB created a product that can withstand the elements. The blackband also masks whatever dirt/sweat stains your filthy forehead emits.

And how not to celebrate the Yankee fitted than with a song solely dedicated to it:

I only heard this once a while back when someone forwarded it to me. Apparently this was the shit in the Midwest. Hoooooody hooooooooo.


buckemdown said...

I've known Howfresh for close to 18 years now, and yet somehow every time he posts up one of these pictures of his many collections, I feel like I've just peeked into the window of Buffalo Bill from Silence of the Lambs. Would you just throw something out already. said...

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