Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Spread Love the Brooklyn Way- Brooklyn Hip Hop Festival July 12th

I've been devoting way too much time to BK, Crooklyn, Brooknam, the Planet of Brooklyn, Kings County, whatever. Back to back posts might be a bit OD, but on some hush hush shit, I really like it out there. Trying to keep that under raps so let's keep that between you and me. Maybe I'm jealous. Why can't the Bronx thrive and prosper like BK? What are we doing wrong? Adolfo, let's get this shit cracking already. Plus the BX is the most American borough, being part of the mainland and all.

So this Saturday, July 12th, is the 4th Annual Brooklyn Hip Hop Festival. I've been a devoted supporter since the first one in the backyard of the Brooklyn Brewery- my introduction to Little Brother. It's grown over the years and is now hosted in Empire-Fulton Ferry State Park- the park directly below the Brooklyn Bridge. Green grass overlooking the East River with the lower Manhattan skyline in the background. Not much can beat that. Plus the waterfall exhibit is under way so the cascades will be cascading.

This year's lineup includes KRS One, Buckshot, Smif N Wessun, Blu & Exile, DJ Premier, and an assortment of other artists (peep the flyer above). Hosted by Ralph McDaniels, who is celebrating 25 years of Video Music Box this year. So it's the BK Hip Hop Festival and the headliner is Boogie Down's own Blastmaster KRS One of the legendary BDP Crew (Boogie Down Productions). Oh the irony. This is the same man who brought us "The Bridge is Over" where it was stated, "The Bronx Keeps Creating It, Brooklyn Keeps On Taking It." I'm not trying to spark some inter-borough beef, but a point for the Bronx.

The event is free but a donation of $10 is strongly encouraged. For more information check HERE.

The concert begins at 3:45pm and should run till 8pm. Last year there were no liks, but I'm hoping the proper paperwork was submitted so I can enjoy a lager or 2.

The song I heard in my head all day while thinking of this post was the Spread Love remix- vocals by Take Six over a super hard drum break. On the Bozo Meko 12" with "The Bridge is Over" on the A-side. Coincidence? I read this joint might have been produced by The 45 King. Hotness none the less. Just click on the link and start the head bopping.

Spread Love- Bozo Meko (re-upped on 4/13/09)


Allen said...

You had me at "Brooknam"

Disco D said...

I still have yet to yet the Bozo Meko edit of Take 6 'Spread Love'. Please re-post!

HowFresh said...

Disco D- reposted. Enjoy.

Disco D said...

Thanks for that.
Love the Ike & Tina Turner break!