Saturday, November 8, 2008

Black Moon and Smif N Wessun Perform Their Classics at Knitting Factory Tonight, 11/8- No Tix? No Worries, Live Stream.

That's right. Enta Da Stage and Da Shinin' will be performed tonight at the Knitting Factory as a Tribute to the Classics. And classics they are. The bad news is that tickets are sold out (this is a makeup show from 9/26 - the show had to be postponed due to Buckshot's health issues), however the GOOD news is there will be a live stream of the concert at and Another bit of bad news is that a live band will be accompanying the Duck Down crew- bad news to me at least. Regardless, this would have a been a dope show to hit. Knitting Factory is such a small, intimate venue, and to see some of hip hop's greatest albums performed in such a setting would be a real treat. So if you're not catching the Jones v. Calzaghe fight, tune into this at 9 pm.

If you need to polish up on your Black Moon/Duck Down history, check the brief bio below. Spotted over at Grandgood.


buckemdown said...

A Black Moon / Smif n' Wessun show just may have been enough to cause me to break my "no more hip-hop shows" edict - especially on a Saturday night. Buckshot remains one my favorite all around MCs to date. And the Black Moon 90s catalogue can hold its own against that of Nas, in my eyes. Not to mention that their more current stuff (i.e. Total Eclipse) is far superior to his. Smif n' Wessun is just the cherry on top. Throw in the hope for a Heltah Skeltah showing, and woah - sorry to miss this one.

HowFresh said...

I wish I would have called your bluff. Kane Friday and Nas next Wed. Let's do this!!

buckemdown said...

And I'm so glad you didn't. And as I've said before, I've filled my Nas quota for the year. As far as Kane, unfortunately he's not gonna draw me out - probably the same thing I would've said about Black Moon and Smif 'n Wessun a week ago.