Friday, November 28, 2008

Lord Help Me Out Now... It's a Black Friday- The Black Friday Nike Air Force Ones.

Some people buy computers and flat screens at 4 am. Others buy sneakers. I got home at 7 am and wasn't capable of an in depth rundown of the craziness that ensued several hours earlier thus the earlier blurb. It wasn't that crazy, unless your definition of crazy falls under hitting a sneaker store in the wee hours of the morning to cop a pair of super limited kicks that had been kept under wraps until the minute they were released. No pics were available, only rumblings of certain materials and colors. In this world of illuminati internet and the need for info NOW I'm impressed they were able to keep this sealed tight. It was sort of a throwback pre triple w days when you'd hit a store and be surprised by what stocked the shelves. Minus the 4 am release and wristbands being released on Wednesday to guarantee your pair. Maybe I'm stretching the similarities, but the element of surprise always makes things more enjoyable.

On to the shoes. These shits are dope- and I wasn't thinking I'd dig them. I had access to them so I made the trek downtown on some sort of gamble. Worst came to worst I'd unload them. But I was pleasantly surprised. Pony hair. Who the fuck has pony hair uptowns? I do. Aside from a pair I've only seen pics of years ago, this is the only pony hair joint ever released. And it works, especially in black. The sheen adds a lot of flavor to these, no other color would have worked. The back panel and swoosh is constructed with a ridged silver material. It shines but doesn't provide any hologram visuals. Kix in the City characterizes it as lenticular, but there is no 3D illusion. Who cares. Jeans will most probably be covering it. Unless the skinny jeans bandits are rocking them. As if the pony hair and silver teflon didn't cause your jaw to drop, it's the midsole that really gets the fresh treatment. How Fresh? So fresh. Black iridescence. With the proper light you see the sparkles shining. Busy P's lowered about 300 notches.

I forgot to mention that these were designed by DJ Clark Kent. My true heads know Clark from his production days, while these new youngins only know dude cause he owns a million pairs of sneakers. He gets more props from these cats for wearing an exclusive sneaker than for producing several tracks on "Reasonable Doubt" (Brooklyn's Finest, Coming of Age, Cashmere Thoughts), Jr. Mafia's I Need You Tonight and Player's Anthem, Rakim's Guess Who's Back, Canibus' How We Roll and a slew of other joints. Give the dude props for creating some hot shit, not for wearing a one of one. It's gotten so out of whack that at the Busy P release at Mercer St. people literally were bowing in reverence to him. Hop off, seriously. Back to the buttahs- this is my first customized box. Fuck it. I just like seeing my name but not on some narcissistic shit, just some I'm the man shit. Now I got to keep them. I haven't been this excited to wear a pair of sneakers in a long time. OoooooooooooooWeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

These sold for $150, and in keeping with Black Friday price slashes, these supposedly would retail for $300, based on the "Supreme" tag and the materials used. So look at that, I got a bargain. A shirt- kind of dope- and a mixtape were supposed to come with the kicks, but they ran out by the time I reached the register. Following the Mercer Street release, the kicks were being released at Concepts in Boston at 10 am and then the Shoe Gallery in Miami at 8 pm. Clark was to appear at each release. Talk about crazy.

Here's a pic of the line at approximately 4:30 AM outside of the Nike Sportswear Mercer Street store. This was the only spot to release these in NYC. I had a great chai blackberry tea there and some nice chocolate donuts. Next time I hope they have hot chocolate.


buckemdown said...

Pony hair? Did you just say pony hair? Yeah, I thought you just said pony hair. These are now officially the oddest article of clothing I've ever seen. And now you own them. Just make sure you don't wear them out in the rain - you might start to smell like the stables at Churchill Downs.

HowFresh said...

Giddyup famo giddyup.

Is oddest the new slang for flyest?

Dallas said...

I slept on these AF-1's.

No literally.

I was in MomDukes crib in Atlanta the night(day) these dropped.

Otherwise I would have been on the block filming the scene.

HowFresh said...

@Dallas- word is they're dropping very soon at various spots in the city.

Paul said...

those really are fresher in person then the pictures testify. absolutely suit worthy for the get-your-grown-man-on set