Wednesday, December 10, 2008

There is No Recession in the Bronx.

If you look at the picture you may think that gold leaf is used to enhance the entrances, but give it a closer look and you will notice something different. It's blinding- and we know paint can't do that, only that pure uncut AU. Yup, that's right- each entrance of the stadium is made of gold. Yes, gold. 7,500 gold ingots were used for each structure. Lonn Trost, the Yankees COO felt a pure gold exterior would be a bit too flashy, and didn't want to rub this exorbitant luxury in the face of the locals, so he ordered that they were painted a sandstone color, giving that neo-vintage feel. Where you see "Yankee Stadium" engraved throughout, it is the meticulous work of several artists known for their gold carving skills. And now that gold is $100 cheaper than on Jan. 1, 2008, the Yankees want to pave the streets with gold bullions from the 4 train all the way to Jerome Ave. Shit is going to be magical. And that's the reason why an additional $350 plus million was requested from the city. From what I heard, the golden streets were what forced CC's hand to accept the $160 million. Every man has his price, but how can you say no to solid gold? It will rain everyday in the Boogie Oogie.

And I love it. After the smoke (shock) cleared with news of CC's unprecedented payday- 7 years $161 million, it was total joy knowing we have an official number one starter. It's been a while since we had that fireballer. Maybe Cashman really is a genius, holding onto Hughes with dreams that he would one day win rings with Carsten Charles. All it cost was money, no youth. Johan, you lost. Ideally we sign Sheets over Burnett and have the Bronx Brewers. Then bring over the tribesman Ryan Braun, Cecil's seed Prince to hit 60 HR a year and Killa Cam to improve our CF defense.

That gives us a rotation of CC, Sheets, Wang, Hughes, and Pettitte (I have confidence in him signing for less). Joba stays in the pen to be passed the reigns of closer once Mariano calls it quits. The middle relief dynamic changes drastically with this staff. The only person to worry about is Andy, and Sheets if he gets hurt. Otherwise these guys can give you 7 easy. Don't forget we have Brian Bruney who was killing it before hurting his foot.

I hope we don't go after Lowe. We don't need him for the money- how's that for exercising fiscal responsibility. He won't repeat his Dodgers' stats and his last 2 years with the Sox were a far cry from his Cy Young-esque 2002. I feel the same way about Burnett, especially for the years he wants, though it appears the Yanks offered him a 5 year contract possibly worth $90 mil. Ugh. CC might be on board for close to a decade, but there are no red health flags- as long as he keeps his weight down and doesn't make daily trips to the Feeding Tree around the corner for some jerk shrimp. Holla.

In terms of offense I'm not hungry for Tex. I think Swisher will have a bounce back year, and keep in mind we should have a healthy Jorge and Matsui. Something we heavily missed last year. I wish we re-signed Abreu, very underrated in my opinion, but I'll be OK. And A-Rod owes us a big year. Enough bullshit already- wifey problems are over so let's play ball.

Isn't it great that once again we took all the shine from Los Mets? They had one day to celebrate the signing of the arm waving, Dios loving, number padding jerkoff K-Rod. I wonder how Billy Wagner feels. I can't stand him, but now that he's in the NL East he won't be of concern. Plus he'll have the opportunity to get victimized by the Fightin' Phils.

And check this out- the dude is into kicks. When he arrives in the BX, I'll put him on to some local spots.


Paul said...

c'mon, gold lettering is way over the top. and not just gold, but carved out of solid gold? oh, and we pay for it.

HowFresh said...

The BX is the land of milk and honey. Don't get it twisted. We're going to have a Hard Rock Cafe too. I thought I told you that we don't stop...

Paul said...

were you doing the diddy dance when you said that?

HowFresh said...

Nah, I was doing the Boogie Down We Win Champagne-ionships Dance.