Monday, December 15, 2008

TATS Cru- The Mural Kings on NYCTV at 4 am.

I guess we missed the 10pm airing. So we double up at 4am. Too late? Please. That's what DVRs are for. Channel 25 for Time Warner or 22 for Cablevision.

Featuring the famed Bronx graffiti contingent, this 2006 documentary follows TATS Cru as they get busy at the Graffiti Hall of Fame on 106th and Park, no BET, upholding their title as "The Mural Kings", and discusses their rise from graf kids in the streets to entrepreneurs making cake off corporate America. Talk about the American Dream.WNYC's Doc Bloc series just aired it at 10 pm and will be re-airing at 4 am. Definitely worth the watch. If you're from NYC you're definitely familiar with their work, even if you don't think so. From memorial murals to album release murals to commercial murals, their art is everywhere, and most definitely eye catching. Run time is 70 minutes.

You can also purchase the DVD HERE.

A little snippet for you:


eskay said...

yo, good looking Fresh, I just set my DVR for this shit. even though I'll probably be up @ 4 anyway, ha ha. props on that USA Today mention brother.

HowFresh said...

Who you telling? I got 50 minutes till showtime, but I don't think I'm going to make it. From what I saw with the earlier broadcast, it was dope.

Good looks- just trying to get nah numbers.