Wednesday, December 24, 2008

H is for Happy Anniversary, Birthday, Hanukah- The H of H's Post.

I woke up at 11 on my born day, I'm 32, it's a blessing, press power, log on, hit refresh, peep Howfresh and...

There are 25 H hats in the photo. Rather than assign a meaning to each cap, I'll let you play with the "H is for..." template.

A year ago today this blog was created as a birthday gift from the ex-lady. At least the yearly milestones will always be easy to remember. At times it's bittersweet that we can't share this together, however her other gift-the naughty Santa's helper pics- help ease the pain. Maybe I'll do a post about those one day, but for now we keep it cool and celebrate the born day.

In the past 365 day cycle 152 posts have been thought of, planned and executed. I take a lot of pride in every post and make sure the Board of HowfreshEats approves of the content and quality. Once that starts to slip, you're toast. Hopefully in early '09 the blogspot will be removed and we will be completely independent. Viva la revolucion!!! just flows better. Then I can make t shirts and be that really annoying self-promoting jerk. $15 a pop peoples. And I'll make sure they match the newest kicks. I think a sticker campaign might be in order, bring back the late 90's street teams and elude the jake.

152 posts in one year doggie, I can divide, 10 were poop, the others were buttahrific, that's one dope post every 2.6 days average ... and that's not LAAAAAAMMEEEEE!!!... I've been in it one, still having fun, so smarten up dun!!!

I'm definitely enjoying talking my shit, and hopefully that is being conveyed to you, the viewer. I was told that a recent post was too stiff and PC. I apologize for that. The last thing I want to do is conform to the norm and start that cookie cutter shit. Just keep it loosey goosey baby and let the fish fry. If I have to throw in an additional fuck or shit, I have them on standby.

There are probably close to 30 started posts that never caught the light of day due to my procrastination or something to that effect. Most of those being restaurant reviews and concerts that I dropped the ball on. I'll need to rehash some of them and let them shine. Hopefully I remember how the food tasted- if not "It was good" or "I like it" will have to do. In terms of concerts, if you don't address it a day or 2 after the show it's old news and every other blog has posted video or commented in some capacity. Another Nas show, Kane's 20th anniv., Rakim, Menahan Street Band, and more. Those are some of my regrets. On some honest shit, I have new post ideas and visions all day, but a computer isn't readily available to make it happen. But even when I'm at the command center I still find myself bullshitting and getting caught in the web of fear of wackness. When days go by and the blog turns stale, unless I'm chilling with the buffalo in G-d's Country, chances are I'm blogger blocked. Let 2009 bring clarity to the world of HowfreshEats.

And don't get it twisted. While I might not have posted a Letter H fitted post in 2 and a half months, do not think I haven't been on my H-ustle. There are several new goodies in the images.

Long Live the H.

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thekid10705 said...

Keep up the good work son-you know I'm part of the everyday faithful!!