Friday, December 12, 2008

It Doesn't Get More Hip Hop- DJ Premier and Peter Rosenberg at the 92Y Tribeca.

Yeah man, it was some dope shit.

If you didn't have a chance to make it out, downpours and all, you missed a great one. Luckily there's close to half an hour of quality footage (content and image-wise) posted below.

Primo was super engaging and extremely entertaining. It felt like the conversation could have kept flowing as Premier had no problems discussing everything presented to him. There was no awkward silence throughout the entire interview and the exchange between the 2 on stage seemed effortless. You could tell Rosenberg has been a student of Preem and was as interested in hearing the stories and history as the person that dropped 15 beans to be in the house. You can tell bullshit from the real shit in half a second, and having somebody invested in the content at hand made for a quality event from all angles.

The clips below show some of the more entertaining parts of the evening. Some stuff not in those clips is Premier talking about how he didn't like "Outta Here" by KRS and pretty much begged him not to put it on Return of the Boom Bap. The original recording had KRS putting the entire hip hop community on blast and basically calling out artists that were "outta here". I would love to hear that shit. Willie D from BDP persuaded KRS not to release it. He also says he's ready to do another Gang Starr album, once Guru agrees. Come on Guru, don't let The Ownerz be your swan song. Let's recreate that Daily Operation energy and then you can bow out.

This event was the first installment of the Noisemakers series hosted by Peter Rosenberg of Hot 97 and Juan Epstein fame. If you haven't heard some of those podcasts, do yourself a favor and catch them. The Large Pro, Fat Joe, Big Daddy Kane, and Mr. Cee episodes are banging. There are a lot more I need to catch up on.

I don't know who the next Noisemaker will be, but keep an eye out and make sure you're in the house.

"Nas is Like" breakdown- how he got the record, the kind of sample, the reason he took it and so on. Yes, those are birds chirping.

Answering questions from the crowd addressing porn, the best MC, how many beats he's been making, artists he wants to work with, thoughts on Dilla, his top 5 hip hop producers of all-time, the heavily discussed Terror Squad/Premier album that never was, and when Primo does put out his own album it will be tantamount to Dre's The Chronic.

The making of "Unbelievable" and how he met Big, and the incredible hip hop personalities that called Bed Stuy home. We learn that Big didn't know how to drive and that Lord Finesse sonned Diddy in the studio after hearing Puff wasn't going to put "Come On" ft. Sadat X on Ready to Die. Learn yaself.

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