Thursday, December 25, 2008

Jingle all the Goyim.

You're still my people. When Chanukah and Christmas overlap it is some super powerful joyous shit- Superfriends status. The eggnog and latkes get swapped back and forth, chocolate gelt are used as ornaments, the 6 pointed star adorns the top of the tree, and red and green candles fill the menorah- religious differences are put aside. It's a beautiful thing.

Happy holidays to all denominations, even if I don't believe in your leader.

Coincidentally I saw The Legion perform Friday night Rakim show at the Knitting Factory. Yes he did show up and blessed us with at least an hour. I wanted to do a write-up/memory lane post about them and now with X-mas upon us, I've been handed a mulligan. Thank you Mr. Kringle. Aside from the R, Legion was the highlight of the show. Brand Nubian was cool but I've seen them a bunch and Black Thought on stage isn't that entertaining. Just Ice was on stage for way too long and I have no interest in his new shit- though "Going Way Back" is that joint- those drums and that piano get busy. And a Juju-less Beatnuts isn't really the Beatnuts.

So, I'm in the back bar and I hear this shit knocking. Look through the doors and boom- "Jingle Jangle" is rocking. What?? This was my joint back in high school. I had to kill that cool shit and make my way towards the stage. And the shit sounded crisp. Too bad they were one and done. I had the fingers crossed for some "Legion Groove"- possibly one of the greatest beats ever constructed. Peep the tracks below and video footage from Knitting Factory I spotted over at Grandgood. They too have used this holiday period to spread the Legion gospel. They beat me to it, what can I say.

If anybody has Theme + Echo = Krill- get at me.

All tracks are ripped from the 12"- sound might be a little low.

The Legion- Jingle Jangle ft. Dres 12"

The Legion- Jingle Jangle Krill Remix ft. Black Sheep

The Legion- Legion Groove 12"

Live at Knitting Factory 12/19/08


Jorn said...

Please say 'gentiles' not 'goyim' (more respectful)

HowFresh said...

It wasn't said in a pejorative fashion and I think that becomes very clear after reading the post.

Disrespect wasn't even part of the equation, and far from the intention.

buckemdown said...

You say "to-may-to", I say "to-mah-to" - it's all love.

More importanly, you brought back some real high school memories with that Jingle Jangle ish - haven't heard it at least 10 years probably, but it's still fresh in my mind. While The Legion can certainly be considered a one hit wonder, that track right there is on the forefront of 90's hip-hop. Like Uncle Leon, they hit it and quit it.