Friday, December 19, 2008

Howfresh's Kicks Spotted at 21 Mercer.

And his brown socks. Peep it HERE.

These motherfucking paparazzi can't let the kid breathe. I mean I'm looking at kicks and they swarm me on some boy band shit. I started getting mad claustrophobic and the walls started to cave in. That's why you see me about to lunge at the lens. Last time I let security cop bootleg Louis on Canal.

On the plus side your boy was chosen amongst 2,426 shoeheads as having the "sneaker of the day" at 21 Mercer St. An arduous journey to the peak of Mt. Mysneakersaretheshit, but well worth it. It's a daily occurrence, cats line up to be granted the honor of carrying the torch.

What we have here are the Nike Air Force 1 Orcas from mid 2004. Black and white. That's it. Mad simple, but in my top 5 of all time. I have all these colorful joints in boxes that scream too loud for me, not for me as in "Wear Me!!" but as in look at my feet. I prefer quiet, simple, powerful shit. People think you're wearing all whites, and then (insert sound of killer whale). The black swoosh and back panels set it off. But what really catches people off guard is the all white sole. That makes the black sections pop that much more. That's why it's imperative that these remain clean. The crisp white needs to contrast with the black, otherwise the shit doesn't work. Summer time you see them out the gate, but with jeans on you play mind games.

I believe the "Orca" title derived from the similarities it shares with the Orca aka Killer Whale. These were part of a pack with the Air Trainer 1 and Dunk Hi, and a dunk lo was released a little later. This could be total bullshit but I recall reading that the designer of the pack was a Japanese cat named Oruka, and that was the official name of the pack. But the coincidence of the colors and orca makes that hard to believe.

I take care of these on some super meticulous shit, if not obsessive. Clean the soles after every wear. Look at them- I've worn these 50-75 times since 2004 and they look fairly crisp. The sole is getting worn down but we walk in this city. I do have a second pair but I'm scared to break them out and make them unpure. Seriously.

Here is the gem of this post... if you're an air force head and do not own the Tarrago Sport Cleaner- you're playing yourself. I couldn't find the item on the link, but that's the company. They're based out of Espana. It's sold in NYC but I don't care for the store so I prefer not to publicly endorse them. If you know me then you know where, and if you don't, email me and I'll put you on. I have never seen any other product clean the rubber soles on forces like this. Jeans bleed- no sweat, driving and get pedal marks- ain't nothing, wear your joints out and they get abused- this shit is your First-Aid kit. For real. And it costs about $2. Always have an extra on hand.

On the topic of forces, uptowns, A-1s, ups, airs, willy dees, etc. peep the video below. Taken at the Nike Playmakers III event Wednesday night at Nike Town. Clark Kent was on the tables and the AF1s were the star of the show. The air force cup runneth over. 3.5 minutes of some unbelievable joints. Video courtesy of SneakrAddicts.

SneakrAddicts DVD X Nike Playmakers Part 3 from SneakrAddicts on Vimeo.

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