Tuesday, May 27, 2008

HowfreshEats Yellowstone- Give me a Home Where the Buffalo Roam and the Deer and the Antelope Play.

Yellowstone National Park will never be the same now that Howfresh has left his size 12 beef & broccoli footprint all over the place. Scratch that- Howfresh will never be the same after experiencing Yellowstone. My pops and I logged over 1200 miles from Bozeman, MT down to the park, all over Wyoming, and back to the park in 6 days. Incredible. No, FUCKING INCREDIBLE. Words can't describe this. Here are some photos for now, with a lot more to come. Not much on the fitted or footwear front, but steak for days!!!!


Paul said...

thats awesome. Me n' Big Al goin next memorial day, ya heard.

buckemdown said...

Wow dude. Shit looks incredible - can't wait to see the rest of the pics. Definitely at the top of my bucket list.