Saturday, May 17, 2008

H is for that "H".

Like Pookie in New Jack the shit keep calling me. It might not have been the "H" but the addiction's the same. It is impossible for me to let any H cap go unpurchased. I try, and rationalize, and then I find myself calling the land of poi and spam with a slight twitch and stutter asking for that 7 5/8. And if they don't have it, an immediate mental downward spiral ensues and I'm in a funk for a period of time.

The above 2 caps released this week, the red on Thursday and the green today. Buttahs times 2. I know nobody gives a shit about the H fitteds, but for the official hip hop heads, peep the shirt releasing with the green. Some Live at the BBQ shit. Super freshness. Whoever cops it, notify me in advance so we don't twin rock it. The tee game going over there is on point- and the quality is official. In full transparency, I have no monetary agreement with Fitted Hawaii. Maybe I should with all the free shouts and exposure, but I do this for the love.

I visited White Manna last weekend and am in the process of delivering my verdict. All the praise they get, I needed to make sure my tongue wasn't on vacation during my original trip. NJ was good to me last weekend. Stay tuned.

70 degrees on a Saturday with the Yanks vs. Mets playing at the stadium so you know it's a good day. Jeter's 2 run HR just made it better and I'm hitting the 2nd Ave. Deli tonight. Not theme music, but some tunes to compliment the overall pleasant mood of the day is a 1968 Eddie Harris Atlantic Records recording titled Plug Me In. Ripped from the original vinyl, the album contains 6 tracks of great listening material. The album encompasses a full array of slower paced jazz tracks to high energy jam sessions that make you want to groove along. A couple of noticeable samples too. Enjoy.

Eddie Harris & his electric saxophone- Plug Me In

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Allen said...


Having trouble with the music link, it seems like a summer jam that I really need to listen to.

What is up with the Yankees!?!? Is this the new thing every year when they stink in April/May or is this the year they just stink?