Monday, May 19, 2008

Uptown Saturday Afternoon on my P's... Patsy's and Pegasus

"Yo- Saturday Afternoon Uptown/ Riding past Patsy's/ What's Popping Kid/ My Fitted got the H/ We in the Mix/Tap on the glass/stop fronting duke/make sure the crust is crisp"

Channeling the inner Ghostface in me. He'd probably flip it a little better with some mozzarella head spoon face reference and if we're lucky he'd pull out some rap Chipper Jones shit. But he'd also admit that he just had one of the best slices in recent times. I've never had a reason to be east of 3rd Ave. north of 116th St. so I assume that's the reason I've never eaten at Patsy's. While it pains me that I've been missing some good shit for this long, I rejoice in that I have a new uptown go-to spot. Especially after I cop a fitted or 2 at Pegasus. But let's discuss one P at a time. I'm not on a word count right now.

Patsy's takes up half of the block between 117th and 118th. The entrance to the restaurant/bar is in the middle of the block, north of that is a room that just houses assembled pizza boxes, and north of that, near the corner, is a small take out counter where you can order plain slices or plain pies. I ordered 2 slices and never walked in the restaurant. Some reviews say that the quality of the pizza is different when you order in, but until I do, it sounds like bullshit to me. The takeout oven works perfectly.

Slices cost $1.75 and in today's market, that might be the cheapest slice around. Granted the slices aren't that large, but I was surprised that they didn't increase prices like every other pizzeria in NYC. I applaud them. Now to the specs. The slice is super thin with not much tooth to it, but I don't frown upon that. Being so thin, the slice flopped a bit. I wouldn't say it was soggy, just not sturdy. But it was delicious. A thin layer of cheese spread evenly over each slice with a perfect amount of semi-sweet tomato sauce. The cheese ended exactly where it should leaving approximately 1 inch of crispy semi-charred crust. The coal ovens give the crust a nice smoky taste. My slices were cooked just right. If you have a huge appetite 3 slices would do the job. If you need a quick bite, 2 can pull it off. To add to the bare bonesyness of it all, there's a drink machine in there to order cans. No fountain drinks. A bodega just south of the restaurant that has it all. On a side note, on the NW corner of 117th St. is "La Casa Del Tacos." They have been added to the hitlist. And another thing, there is a skateboard shop on the block south of the bodega called Everything Must Go. Didn't go in but I heard they have dope tees. Lupe is some taste maker.

1 P down, 1 P to go. In all honesty, if it wasn't for Pegasus aka Uptown Jiggie Sports located on the SW corner of 109th and 3rd Ave. I wouldn't have been in the vicinity therefore wouldn't have been able to try Patsy's. For that I thank them. I also thank them for the charcoal gray buttahs you see above with the orange bill and H and white star. If you're into fitteds and don't know about Pegasus pay close attention. They have the illest assortment of fitteds in the NYC. Hands down. I think I wrote about them a while back in a taco post, but had no product to share. The color combos are crazy as well as the variety of minor league, NHL, Hardwood classics and various other shit. You need to give yourself at least 10-15 minutes to absorb all the joints and try not to get overwhelmed. Make sure you check everywhere- everything on the wall, on the floor, glass case, etc. They sell sneakers on the other side of the store, but I've never checked for that. That's how thorough the fitteds are. And if you don't value my opinion, just ask Fat Joe. He has Pegasus slated at# 6 for his top NYC institutions. I'm not mad at that list. Katz would have to move up and Bohio has to drop. They are world renowned (city renowned, or maybe just Bronx renowned) for the pernil- roast pork shoulder, but I'm not such a pernil fan. Too porky for the kid. Back to Pegasus- they constantly get in new shit. And once one of their customs sell out, it's a wrap. Seldom do they re-up. Just come equipped with the info you need, i.e. whatever colors you're looking for and there's a 98% chance you'll find a match.

2287 1st Ave bet. 117th St & 118th St
New York, NY 10035
(212) 534-9783
11am- 11pm daily

Uptown Jiggie Sports (formerly Pegasus Sports)
1982 Third Ave., at 109th Street
(212) 996-6639


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