Monday, May 12, 2008

Damn Danica, Pump Those Breaks.

This happened last Friday at Indy 500 practice and it still bugs me out how the dude only incurred relatively minor injuries- concussion and lacerations. The wing could have decapitated him. Homeboy looks like a rag doll. I might have to watch Formula 1 and/or NASCAR if this shit happens every now and then. On some real talk steez, I can see myself getting into NASCAR. Talladega raceway has been added to my bucket list. Let's make it happen.

I mean Danica, come on now. Let's behave. This is no way to treat your fellow racing brethren. All that pent up anger from being discriminated against for having a pair of boobies in a boobiless world finally caught up to her. She's till upset she had to go to Japan to notch that first victory. I feel the song below is pretty appropriate. Don't forget to tune into the 92nd Indianapolis 500 on May 25.

The Gap Band- Outstanding

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