Thursday, May 8, 2008

I Don't Even Know Why I Buy Mixtapes Anymore.

My mixtape spot closed down more than a year ago. And my back-up on Canal Street relocated to Atlanta. Every now and then I'd fuck with the Africans selling bootlegs, but for the most part these cds were so terrible it wasn't worth the $5 or $3, or even $1. But Sunday I was at BX Sports on Jerome Ave. and they had all these colorful CDs laid out and it brought back that feeling of wasting money on CDs you listen to once that then collect dust. The most recent Big Mike was there so I copped. Mind you, I got into a minor altercation with the dude behind the counter because he said he gave me the change from the $20, which he didn't, and I wasn't going for that. I got the 15 beans back, but for the garbage I was about to hear, the entire ordeal wasn't worth it.

I should have known better than copping a CD with Jim Jones, Sheek Louch, and the Baby Fart Baby Weezy Poop Baby, but it's hard to break old habits. And there wasn't even some new Cam shit. Unbelievable. Killa- where you at??? Check the link below for the entire CD. I spent my hard earned guap as they say, so you don't have to. Just keep the traffic coming, and I'll keep providing terrible CDs- I mean that NEW SHIT!!! The Jada and Styles joints are dope- Styles looks like he's going in- rhyming over CNN's "T.O.N.Y.", Lord Finesse's "Hip 2 Da Game", and Jigga's "Feelin' It". Really shocked about the Finesse freestyle. Dope record- check for it below.

Big Mike, DJ Thoro, & DJ O.P.- The First 48 Part 3 (May 2008)

Lord Finesse- Hip 2 Da Game

Now the pendulum swings from bad to good. If you haven't copped that new 9th Wonder & Buckshot- "The Formula", I suggest you do. "Chemistry", their first effort was a banger, and the second installment of this collabo follows the same path. 9th is one of the top producers out right now and he provides some feel good music. His strings and horns always hit the right nerve and keep that head bobbing. So put Buckshot's smooth delivery and stop and go flow with 9th's dope beats and it's a success.

Stand out tracks include "Man Listen"- some energetic head nodder that is my current mood enhancer before I walk in the office, "No Future"- an introspective beat with Buckshot kicking some grow up and act right shit, and "Be Cool"- featuring the female songstress Swan and some ill r&b sample- discussing some ex-wifey shit. Peep below for all 3. The first single "Go All Out" still gets me loose and "Hold it Down" ft. Talib exhibits 2 of BK's finest on some better the world shit with Tyler Woods on vocals. I'll let you cop to hear the rest. 1 or 2 tracks might be fast forward material- mainly "Whassup With U?", but you be the judge.

9th Wonder & Buckshot- Man Listen (Cause Ummm)

9th Wonder & Buckshot- No Future

9th Wonder & Buckshot- Be Cool


buckemdown said...

Aight - been anticipating this Buckshot/9th Wonder for a while. Haven't gotten around to copping it yet, but it's definitely in my near future. As for the lesser half of this post - remember when mixtapes used to be the shit!?!?! Back when Double R, or DooWop, or KaySlay were serving us with some new, unheard, exclusive blends. Haven't purchased a mixtape in quite some time now, and from what it sounds like I'm not missing much.

buckemdown said...

My bad - wrote KaySlay, when I clearly did not mean KaySlay. That would've really blew holes through the credibility of my post. What I meant to say was Lazy K. That bitch threw it down.