Sunday, May 11, 2008

Waterfront Ale House- Go for the Food, Not the Game.

I went to Waterfront with the notion that it was a pub/sports bar with plenty of screens to watch multiple games. A friend recommended it as one. I really wanted to watch Lebron serve DeShawn Stevenson in game 6 of the Cavs v. Wizards 2 Fridays ago. I've grown to hate Stevenson with his Tony Yayo-esque can't feel my face shit and that Philly beard should be checked for lice and other unsanitary conditions. Plus his love affair with Soldier Boy is pretty disturbing. Lebron and Hov are each at the pinnacle of their respective industries so it makes sense, but Yaaa Bitch and Yayo dance, how did they find each other? Myspace? They can get the dilz. Whatever, I'm salty, fuck it.

It turns out Waterfront is not a sports bar, maybe 3 screens tops, and 1 was airing CNN. We didn't have the energy to go elsewhere so we stayed. The menu looked appealing with not your run of the mill pub fair, plus the beer/ale selection was on some super microbrew/artisan steez. At least if I wasn't going to watch Lebron I could eat some good food and try some different brews.

But there was some consolation as we got a table by a TV playing the Yankee- Mariners game. Side note-You would think they would put 2 TVs in the dining room, so each side of the table would be able to watch. Seems obvious to do something like that. My bro had to watch the reflection off the glass. The menu had some stuff worth ordering, as you can see HERE, but the treats were on the Specials Board. We put the menus down and dealt exclusively with the board. We sparked the meal off with a grilled Berkshire pork sausage with spicy jus and a scoop of warm German potato salad. Berkshire pork is considered to be the "Kobe" of pork coming from special black pigs. Peep more about it HERE. The sausage was delicious. Extremely moist and tender, and no overpowering pork flavor.

I was pretty set on getting a burger, and thought I'd step it up with the venison burger served with cumin coriander catsup - just spelling it how they did. The only time I had venison was in a sausage patty, but figured the specials were fresh so why not give it a try. As always, I ordered it medium rare, and it came with a huge heaping of waffle fries, and the usual condiments of lettuce, tomato, raw onion and pickle. The catsup was way too sweet, so that was shoved to the side immediately. The burger was very tasty, and initially juicy. But the leanness of the venison made way for a dry burger rather quickly. My slow eating didn't help matters, but unless you scarfed that shit down within 4 minutes, you'd experience the same. By looking at the photo of inside, you can see the blood on the plate. It was cooked to order so next time I need to go rare on venison. Please make a mental note of that.

My brother ordered the Tilapia Po' Boy served with a Creole Mayo. That shit was delicious. Semi-spicy batter on flaky fish with some more heat from the mayo, served on french bread. Creamy mustard slaw on the side and you're good to go. Being a special, I don't know often the dish is served, but I would go for any fish Po'Boy available on the special board. If the same batter is used, as well as the Creole mayo, you won't be disappointed.

The meal was washed down with some German Jever Pils, Brooklyn Doppelbock, and Weihenstephaner Heffe. The Pils and Brooklyn were mellow and complemented the food well, while the Heffe, a wheat beer, was a bit too sweet. Stouts, IPAs, and other types were available, but the beer tasting will have to be on another night. The place was pretty crowded and we had to wait around 10 minutes for a table. The tables in the dining area are CRAMPED. I'm talking 6 inches between tables. Fat asses in faces if you're not watching. It took a woman next to us nearly 7 minutes to remove herself from the booth. We watched in complete confusion and had no clue what to do- help her, grab her, lift her, trip her. She finally made it out, but keep in mind there isn't much privacy here if you want to get romantic or be Mr. Incognito. Free popcorn is served at all tables. After having a recent popcorn incident, I'm falling back for now.

The experience was pleasantly surprising. I went with the expectations of a pub burger and had a way better dining experience. Located on 30th and 2nd, across from the Kips Bay Lowes movie theater, there are a ton of bars that entertain the young, newly-moved-to-the-area crowd. Aside from a couple of patrons, Waterfront was devoid of that. I usually hit up the Overlook on 44th between 2nd and 3rd, which has plenty of screens and decent food, but wanted to try something new. Pubs might come a dime a dozen in the Turtle Hill/Kips Bay area, but there aren't many you'd want to patronize. Waterfront Ale House is one of those exceptions.

The Waterfront Ale House
540 Second Avenue- On the SE corner of 30th Street)

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