Wednesday, November 26, 2008

HowFresh Gets High, High, High...

With Air Force 1s that is. I'm an athlete. I don't partake in the devil's vices.

Peep the new buttahs- the Stashes- black reptile on the front and back panels with a nubuck toe box and mid panel- spray can caps printed on the mid panel and ankle strap. Clean colorway- not far out like some of the other shit dropping like...

...These- the Safari Army Green and Gold joints. Army green safari print (textured suede like leather) cover the front and back. Army green patent leather laces the middle and a goldish leather toebox and gold safari print ankle strap finish it off. Personally, I don't understand the patent mid panel. I vehemently despise patent leather. Never liked it and never will. Too stiff and too flashy for me- plus it looks like plastic. The sole could have been tweaked a little better too. It's too dark down there. Army/olive green is a dope color, but gets lost with the black midsole. Maybe a gold/gum outsole would have popped it better. I've never been a fan of the round laces either, but that's easy to switch up. Nike I'm available if you need some freshness. How Fresh? True true.

It's the biggest night of the year so I hope everyone gets busy and has a safe one. No DWIs though. Jake is everywhere- thought I was going to get a ticket a little while ago heading over the Broadway Bridge. I had that open grate to play with so I got my Andredi on and Jake was sitting in a nook on the other side- I passed, their lights went on, I shit my pants, and they passed. Close call.

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