Sunday, May 10, 2009

The One Night I Have Legends Suite Yankees Tix a Hip Hop Show Starts on Time.

What the fuck? Did a memo go out advising of a drastic overhaul to hip hop's business model? You mean to tell me HowFresh isn't on the distribution list? I would think I've spent enough money on tapes, CDs, records, shows and whatever else to at least be kept abreast of such change. Well after some research I was able to find this...

From: Hip Hop
To: Hip Hop Head
Date: April 4, 2009
Re: General Improvements

#8. Beginning on May 1, 2009 shows will start no later than an hour from what is printed on the ticket. No exceptions. For years we have disrespected our fans, having them wait around for hours while artists got high or drunk in the green room. Now that CD sales are at an all-time low we feel that it is in Hip Hop's best interest to begin respecting the consumer.

The show this post is in reference to is the Cam'ron "Crime Pays" album release event at Highline Ballroom last Monday, May 4th. The show sold out quick fast and I was lucky enough to snag a pair of tix in the 11th Hour. Please look at the highlighted bottom part of the ticket- doors at 8 pm, concert at 9 pm. Those words usually hold as much weight as a do not jaywalk sign.

Only dilemma- Yankees v. Red Sox ticket. Bigger dilemma, Legends Suite tix aka 2 months rent aka the most expensive baseball ticket in the free world. Biggest dilemma, front row behind the Yankees dugout. It wasn't even a question. First pitch was slated for 7:05 pm. Simple mathematics would say that the Cam show would be a go. Hip hop mentality pre-memo, that is.

Ahh, but it couldn't be that simple. The rain came and didn't want to leave. So it became a race against the clock. But it still wasn't a question. Legends Suite tix = all you can eat. Even if there was no action on the field, best believe there was action in the Ketel One Club. A sleek underground bar (below field level) with a multitude of flat screens to take in the game while you're getting your honeycomb hideout on. The shelves stay stocked with the goodies. Carl's cheesesteaks, lobster rolls, chicken fingers, mini sliders, hot dogs, M&Ms- plain and peanut, popcorn, twizzlers, and soft drinks. It felt like I was stealing every time I grabbed something. Should have been rocking the Where Are You Yeezys cause this shit was most definitely the good life.

Did I mention there was a pasta station too? Penne bolognese playboy. Kiss, kiss...get em girls.

Don't forget the bathrooms. Flat screens on the mirrors. Preserved glacial ice sheets from the Arctic as the counter top. 600 thread count disposable hand towels. And the smell. Wow.

So after close to 2.5 hours...PLAY BALL. It was nasty outside, rainy and raw. But they keep the aristocracy laced with warm coffee so who am I to complain? How can I ever sit in grandstand again after lounging in the lap of luxury? The Cam show was still a possibility. Finally left in the 6th with the Yanks down 4-3. I hate leaving early, but there was a party to attend with some real hood rat women and the world of Harlem.

Fast forward to midnight, driving east on 16th between 10th and 9th Aves, A fucking ghost town. Not even the post-show stragglers. Nothing. Doors closed, and no trace of life. I was bugging. It was Cam- how the fuck could this dude arrive on time and actually perform near schedule? All of a sudden he's the people's representative with "I Hate My Job" and this? We miss the Cam on Bill O' Reilly and 60 Minutes. That arrogant jerkoff that doesn't care about anybody but himself. Years ago I would have applauded this professionalism, knowing I had an early class or had to be in the office. Today it is just unacceptable, especially when I'm juggling several events. Hip hop go back to the Tramps days, the good old days when the show wouldn't end till 3 am. That way I can have my cake and eat it too.

At least we got the internets to show us what we missed. Still would have rather caught it in person. I know it would have been dope, even though the NY Times would like to differ. Who would have ever thought that you can go to the place responsible for "all the news that's fit to print" and hear some "Cookies & Apple Juice." Cam will be on Charlie Rose or interviewed by James Lipton before we know it. KILLA!!

Intro, treats and Get Em Girls

Dipset Anthem and Wet Wipes


To catch more peep HERE and HERE.


Teef aka Nonchalant Misfit said...

"You can't have your cake & eat it too" © Nice & Smoth

buckemdown said...

There's only one possible thing that an on-time (or near-time) start in hip-hop can possibly mean... Cam has officially sold out. You're gonna have old, married cats with kids - like myself - actually making a return to the game if this nonsense keeps up. Careful Cam...