Monday, June 29, 2009

From the Se-veeeeeen to the Fooouuuur, and the Mets Can't Hit the Ball, and The Yankees Win it All, Oh Sweep Sweep Mufuer, Oh Sweep Sweep Mufuer...

Sweep, Sweep, Sweep, Sweep, Sweep...

I couldn't let this opportunity pass. Even if it is against a minor league team. Manny's in the minors, and Manny's great, so if A=B=C we swept a great team? No. But the Yanks did what they were supposed to- beat a shitty team. About time.

And a big congrats to Mo, the greatest closer of our era, if not ever. 5 large and counting. As well as 1 and counting. RBIs that is. Awesome- K-Rod's such a dick. The dominance is unprecedented. Trevor Hoffman aside, Mo is in a league of his own. Having witnessed his entire career, the man is amazing- and he's still doing it. Just when you think he's lost a step, he comes back and dominates. And he wears # 42, 24 backwards so the jersey shirt has been in the stable for a minute. I'd say he's due for an authentic, so when the time is right, 42 is next.

Big shout to Buckemdown on the title co-credit. Kind of like the Posada to Mo. PAUSE.

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thekid10705 said...

BX was in the building this past weekend! Although, the Muts are wounded, a sweep is a sweep.. Plus, you know I'm a business man so you know I was very (cha-ching) happy with the results..

Now all we gotta do is beat Boston already!!