Wednesday, June 3, 2009

A Pair of Bright Fat Gray Air Max Hit the Racks, Snatch Them Up Son- $20 Off No Tax!!!

Tell 'em Ghost. This track is so crazy, as is the entire Supreme Clientele. Peep the original sample too- another banger. Who would have thought that Hass G from UMC's would be responsible for one of Ghost's biggest records. Not me. Kind of nuts it took so long for the sample to be used.

Ghostface Killah- Apollo Kids

Solomon Burke- Cool Breeze

Maybe that title is a half truth. Yes, these are fat. Haven't used that word in a hot minute moneygrip. But no, there wasn't $20 dollars off and I did have to pay tax.

Similar to the forces I posted 2 weeks ago, these are the Air Max 95 ID try on pairs in a college grey colorway. Air Max 95 Premium QS 375893 001- College Grey/College Grey. Only available at 21 Mercer and limited to around 40 pairs. I suppose if I didn't live in NYC I'd be fucked. Say I moved to um, Indiana, how could I keep my foot game proper? I couldn't. And that's why I'm not moving there.

I don't care for all these super limited releases, but since I'm able to get my hands on some of them I really can't complain. This particular pair dropped on May 23rd and it wasn't on my radar. A pair miraculously appeared yesterday and after trying them on I felt the urge to bring them home with me. They looked good- and rich. These joints always looked rich to me. Since I'm far from that economic bracket I figure I'd play the role and look the part. Image is everything baby. I've always had an odd relationship with 95s. I love the original neons- an incredible sneaker and one of the most innovative ever- aesthetically speaking. Aside from the neons I've only owned one other pair in all their years of existence. The colors were always a hit or miss, more often miss than hit. Plus their sizing has always been off. 12 is too small, 13 too big and 12.5 is perfect but good luck finding that.

I'd be lying if I said these weren't plain, or even a bit boring, but the simplicity is what works. College gray, cool gray, light gray, neutral gray- Nike has so many gray variations- and the 3M strip on the tongue and heel- keeps me safe on the street. Maybe I sipped the juice and got caught in the moment. Maybe the limited element played a role in my purchase. Truth be told I was digging them more yesterday than this morning. But gray is my shit, especially with forces. So they'll play the shelf for the time being and judgement will be reserved.

These joints are real delicate though- can get dirty with the quickness so you need to tread with caution. I'd hate for a mishap. Tell 'em again Ghost...

Heavy rain fucked my kicks up, wasn't looking splash in the puddle, bitch laughed, first thought was beat the bitch up...

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thekid10705 said...

These are dope but there is no way I could keep em' crispy!