Thursday, June 4, 2009

HowFresh Spotted in NY Times as Crazed Yankees Autograph Seeker.

What a creep.

I'm a day late with my NY Times reading. Am I the only wierdo that reads yesterday's news? I wasn't reading as much as skimming, when BAM, HowFresh depicted as lunatic fan. I need to get my PR team on this ASAP. My boy got me in USA Today, hopefully he can get me out of this. My reputation is at stake.

The photo was taken following the extra innings loss to the Phillies on Sunday May 24th. Phillies fans are the worst. See below.

I saw some dude taking photos, presumably of me, or the crowd, so I ducked and covered the grill. You never know where the photo might end up. I asked him what he was shooting for and he mentioned this article. My defense wasn't that great apparently as he got the left side on some sneak attack click. All good, I prefer the left side to the right anyway. If you notice the chick in the daisy dukes and pink Jeter jersey, she was the real single white female stalker. Fresh out the beauty salon showing enough skin, waiting for Mr. Jeter. I'm not sure about that, but it's the safe bet. She was posted up next to those huge gates, and every time she heard a car coming up she lit up and ran over to look through the grating. Whoa.

Best part- the Yankees were going to Texas for a Monday day game so the players were heading straight to the airport on the team bus. Not only am I a crazed autograph seeker, but a stupid crazed autograph seeker. All the cars were being driven by wives, girls, or whoevers. So no Jeter for you. We did have the pleasure of seeing Brian Cashman in his Highlander. It might have been a Hybrid. So green.

Kidding aside, unlike the old stadium where the players have to walk to their cars, the new stadium has an indoor lot. Players just roll up in their tinted vehicles and they're out. You might get a nod or peace sign, but that's it. I don't see a player stopping the ride to sign an autograph. The article explains it all in further detail, basically saying the autograph days are over. This exit is located on 162nd and River Ave. After the game hit the Dug Out for a drink and then get your creep on.



thekid10705 said...


Looks like Fresh is peepin' the chick in the pom' poms.. Is that AROD in that Gold Hyundai SUV??

Michael said...

How Fresh! First time commenter, long time reader. I saw this video-thingy on the NYT.coms and thought of you. It's about a "Sneaker Connoisseur." He kinda makes you seem like a pretty amateur Sneaker Connoiseur.

HowFresh said...

Michael- good looks on the video. Never saw it before. I can work with the amateur status. Means people aren't checking for me so I can slide right in.