Friday, June 26, 2009

The Shake Shack Boogie, Shake Shack Boogie... How to Maneuver With Precision When the Shack Attack Hits.

Disclaimer: This probably doesn't work all the time. And it's more convenient for those that live in the UWS and north of. I'd say late weekdays are the best for attempting this. Use common sense, but act quick. If you've invested too much time on the line (15 min +), you're locked in. There is no guarantee that it'll work but sometimes it's just better to be in motion.

Shake Shack Boogie, Shake Shack Boogie...Now everybody sing along.

Chicago Gangsters- Gangsta Boogie

I had the itch on Tuesday. Jonesing like a mufuer. Earlier in the day I knew I would be around Madison Square Park, so what better way than to cool out after some ball? Fade-away jumper status, not bottle popping. Since my NW trip I've been eating fairly healthy (read less red meat) so no guilt would be associated with this mini feast. But who am I kidding? Like I ever think twice before I eat.

Here's how it went. 9:20-ish or so and I'm heading into the SE corner of Madison Square Park. The line is crazy- 75 to 100 people deep. Fuck that- though I join it. Can't keep still- tapping my feet and swaying side to side.
Man, I ain't trying to wait this long. I need a Shack Burger and I need it NOW.
Ahhh, but the kid is thinking. I need to head uptown anyway so maybe it's worth trying the UWS SS (Upper West Side Shake Shack dummy). Truth be told I'm an IRT dude, not so up on the BMT or IND lines, so I needed to do some quick research to see which route was quickest. N-R to 34th St., transfer to B and take it to 81st St.- Museum of Natural History. I could have walked to 23rd and 6th, but I enjoy transferring, makes the trip seem more arduous.

It was beautiful. The total ride was 15 minutes or so. The walk to the SS was an additional 5 minutes at a rather slow pace (the back cars let you out near the 77th St. exit). I doubt I would have gotten halfway had I waited. Walk in the door like BOOM and there are 4 people on line. Buttahs. I'm feeling good.

Place the How Fresh- (yeah, that's what I'm calling it because it doesn't change- shack burger, second city bird dog, black and white milk shake and either the seasonal brew on tap or a Shackmeister Ale.) Ask for the beer while I wait and cool out. Getting the beer while you wait is the G move- 1) it's fun to drink beer, 2) if the wait is long, which it usually is, it adds some enjoyment to a rather mundane activity, 3) you look kind of cool drinking brew- especially since I don't smoke cigs, and 4) they might forget they gave you the beer and hit you with another one. Now, to clarify the final point, I'm not a dirtbag. In fact I'm kind of an ethicist and dishonesty would go against my beliefs. So when I received the other beer, I advised them that this was a double dip.

Then I hit them with the "don't I get a free beer for honesty?" The girl said, "well if you're taking your food to go you can't take the beer anyway." Ahh- good one. She walked away, packed my order to go and then asked if I wanted it. Was a bit surprised. Told her I was trying to cut down the drinking and this wasn't helping to which she replied, "we poured it so you might as well take it." Holla!! Victory for How.

Fronted like I was looking for a table, then walked outside with my goodie bag and 1.5 beers. I risk getting a drinking summons to enjoy a Shack Burger while cooling out on the benches south of the Museum. It is oh so civilized.

The Shack Burger is top 5 food items in the galaxy to me and I'd have to say the best burger out right now. Especially when taking to go and chilling outside. It supports a transient lifestyle to the fullest. Just look at it. The colors are perfect, so vibrant. The cheese is so yellow, the lettuce so green, the tomato so red. I might sound like I'm bugging or taking it a bit too far, and I probably am, but fuck it, we doooos what we dooooos Larry. I can easily eat this everyday. Probably twice a day.

The bird dog lets me keep it healthy. For one thing we're eating white meat and for another there's basically a salad on top. Celery, tomato, onions, hot peppers- like I'm cleansing the system. I'll admit the casing was bit too tough, but that extra beer helped wash it down. I see you blondie.

Yeah man, I won on this one. The stars, moons, suns, and nebulas were aligned this night. Even if it never happens again, I can say I did it. I took on the cue and beat that motherfucker into submission. One for How.

Shake Shack (Madison Square Park)
SE corner of Madison Ave. and 23rd St.
11am - 11pm
Transit- R/W to 23rd St., 6 to 23rd St.

Shake Shack (Upper West Side)
366 Columbus Ave. on corner of 77th St.
10:45am - 11pm
Transit- B, C to 81st St. Central Park West, 1 to 79th St. (walk east 2 blocks and south 2 blocks

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P-Matik said...

In-N-Out > Shake Shack

HowFresh said...

P- That's like me telling a doctor which stethoscope is better. Plus it's total nonsense.

Let me find out you joined the carnivores.

Anonymous said...

In-n-out? Please.

How Fresh- why no listing for the Citi Field SS? Jealous?

HowFresh said...

Dear Anonymous,

If you read the post you would have understood how proximity and direction played the main role in the boogie. The problems with the Shea-K Shack are that 1) it's in Queens- a bit out of the way, 2) I need to purchase a ticket there while the other places are free, and 3) after being swept I wouldn't be surprised if the quality of meat they use, pause, deteriorates with the quickness. Only winners deserve La Frieda. 5 day old chuck from old steer might be on the horizon. Danny Meyer knows when to cut his losses. Disappointing.



buckemdown said...

Funny ass shit right there Fresh - had me SOL'ng for real. That Shackburger is the truth though, so I feel where the energy is coming from. Only problem with the UWS outpost is no leering at chicks in bikinis... or is there something I don't know??

Allen said...

That's what I'm talking Buck. Shades and leering! You know what, I'm feeling a bit feisty this weekend, leering without shades, fuck it . . .

Snickering out loud?

buckemdown said...

You already know - LOL is reserved for the cornballs.

*credit to HowFresh on the SOL movement

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Sophia said...

So pleasing to the eyes and definitely pleasing to taste. Love it!

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