Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Method Man/Redman/Ghostface @ Nokia 7/30/09- The HFE Ticket Giveaway.

Like ice water, the generosity keeps flowing through the veins. So apropos since I'm seeing Raekwon tonight. HowfreshEats has an extra pair of tickets for tomorrow night's (Thursday, July 30) Footprints in Hip Hop Tour at Nokia Theatre featuring Method Man, Redman, & Ghostface Killah along with Duo Live, DJ JS1, and Mickey Factz with Stalley.

Volume 2 of the world famous HowfreshEats ticket giveaway. Similar to the Cam Crime Pays contest, there will be several questions and the 1st person to answer all of them correctly, both factually and grammatically, will get the pair. Email answers to the red address on the upper right. Tickets will be available at the venue prior to the show.

Questions Please...

1) Name 3 album tracks that Ghostface, Method Man and Redman appear on together.

2) What is the only album track that Redman and Ghostface appear on without Method Man?

3) What tracks were on the Bulletproof Wallets clean LP but not the commercial release, and what 2 tracks had different versions on the commercial release?


4) According to Ghostface, what happened when Biggie died?

Check here for all your concert needs. You never know if volume 3 will be next week or next month.


Jay Williams said...

I only know the answer to 4. Hip-hop fail.

Anonymous said...

4. When Biggie died, they came out with biggie fries.

I'll spot that one to someone in NYC.

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