Thursday, July 16, 2009

HowfreshEats Stacks (Potato) Chips Like Hebrews- Vol. 6-The Over the Pond Edition.

I tried to stay away but they kept calling me. Psst, ayo How, I got that good shit fam. Chip, chip. 5 oz., 9 oz. Fam, we got you. This is the type of shit I hear in the supermarket. I used to live that life, that reckless shit, but I'm trying to get on that straight and narrow and these Chip-ass punks are clearly not respecting my gangsta. And it happened. I broke down and copped. First it was one bag, then another, and before you know it I have a milkcrate's worth of that crunch. That crunch homie.

The selection for today's Stack Chips post isn't that inspiring, though the UK chips bring some flavor, pun intended. This post is sponsored by Kettle Brand Chips and Archer Farms. I didn't enjoy this one. Like a bad night of drinking, these chips just weren't going down. It was a fight. No vomit but no pleasure. And that pic up top looks so autumnal- earthy tones- where's that bright summer shit? Depressing. What can I say? I've covered most of the bases, at least in this locale, so it's slim pickings. I might need to get on my artisanal grind and start ordering from different parts of the country. Believe you me, I order one bag, then 2, and it's a wrap. A slave to the spud.

You can check out the previous 5 installments here: Vol. 1, Vol. 2, Vol. 3, Vol. 4, and Vol. 5.

Kettle Brand Sea Salt & Vinegar

Kettle Brand makes a nice chip. Crunchy, tasty and easy to eat, paws. I thought I was into salt and vinegar chips, but these were too tangy for me. So either my tastes have changed and I've matured, or Kettle doesn't execute it that well(anymore). Lay's Kettle Cooked SS&V is responsible for this passion of the potato. They just fell asleep while adding the vinegar. This was the first time I ever saw a 9 oz. bag, labeled "sharing size." Stop N Shop had a 2 for $5 sale- best deal out. Having sorted through my previous Stack Chips posts, I realized that these were reviewed in Vol. 2 around a year ago. I seem to have appreciated them more back then. Must be the signs of a maturing palette. Haha, you done good How.

Kettle Brand Yogurt & Green Onion

Kettle still makes a nice chip. These were tasty and rich. Too rich in fact. After a couple it was time to wrap that shit up, B. At first I thought this was Kettle's version of Sour Cream & Onion, but after looking at the bag, I noticed they make a sour cream, onions and chive chip. I like the bag- green and white is a great colorway- real clean. I think that's what led to this purchase. The yogurt part appealed to me, in a savory way, but usually I turn my nose up at chips like this.

Kettle Brand Lightly Salted

Yes, we all know that Kettle makes a nice chip. But lightly salted? Damn homie, I'd hate to see my blood pressure after some regular joints. I'm not complaining, but there was nothing light about it. In fact, these reminded me of McDonald's fries. And who doesn't like Mickey D fries? A communist? A member of taliban? A jerk? Definitely not some blue-blooded yankee. These were another sharing size bag from Stop N Shop. They only had SS&V and this flavor. They mustn't have sold that well to be marked this low. Too next level I'm assuming. The sheep prefer Wise, Lay's and Ruffles.

Archer Farms Jalapeno Cheddar

Archer makes a consistently enjoyable chip however there are too many folded and curved chips, and some way too big. Flavorful, a smoky cheese flavor- hints of bacon, with some kick. I was running out of options at Target so I gave these a try. Prefer other flavors. OD on ingredients.

Archer Farms Maple BBQ

Same thing applies as above. A very sweet chip- obvious I guess- and sort of addictive. Didn't realize I almost finished the bag until I looked inside. Surprised I went in like that. Disappointed in Target for the use of artificial maple flavor. Come on man- 2 teaspoons of maple syrup would cut into profit margins? Cheapos.

KETTLE BAGS- Smarten Up Kettle

Kettle needs to step their bag game up- tearing the top so it's unusable? I got plenty of chip clips, but still, staleness sneaks in before you know it. Is their MO to get you to finish the bag in one sitting so you cop the next day? Not a good look. You need to be jacked to open the bag. Admittedly I'm not, but these bitches were tight, whoa. The sharing size 9 oz. bags are easier to open than the 5 oz. bags.

Oy Geez, Some Crisps for me Blokes...

What up UK??? I see you. And now I taste you. Easy killa. If it wasn't for lil' bro dating and then marrying London birds, this would never have been possible. For that I thank you and your lady. The UK is really next level when it comes to flavors. Like whatever the craziest shit we can think of is what we'll do. Just peep Walkers flavours (so British). Cajun squirrel, crispy duck hoisin, chili & chocolate????? We call that bugging in America. NYC at least. Peep the video at the bottom to truly see the insanity.

Walker's Turkey & Stuffing

Thanksgiving in July party people!! They really taste like turkey and stuffing, with the latter being more prominent. Sodium overload, but I'm young, so let that shaker runneth over, keep pouring!!

Walker's Prawn Cocktail

I've been looking at this bag for months, and to be honest, was kind of freaked out about trying them. Shit just doesn't make sense. But a lot of things in life don't. Sweet, mad sweet. A slight hit of tang at first and then sweet. And there was ketchup in there somewhere. Prawns? No clue.

McCoy's Special Thai Sweet Chicken

Not a fan of ridge/crinkle cut fries so these were at a disadvantage off the bat. Not bad though. I can say that they taste how they're supposed to, even with hints of the peanut sauce on the side. A rich chip- only a couple and then that bag had to be put away.

McCoy's Special Oriental Ribs

Tasted just like the Thai Chicken joints. Looked like them too so use your imagination. Oriental, Thai- what's the difference anyway? Same goes for pork or chicken. I kid, but apparently McCoy's isn't.

I'm glad I was able to try some of these flavours (so British again), as I never will again. When I was living in Woodlawn amongst the laddies, these were all over the bodegas, but I just didn't have it in me to cop. I prefered the Cadbury. Caaaaadbureeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.


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"Woouuld you like a taste of Caaaaadbury??"

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We do it for you gov'nah!

It's like Willy Wonka is making chips out there. Supposedly the pickled onion are where it's at.

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It's a beautiful thing when potato chips can unite North Africans, the British, and the French/Croats.

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LOL, Fresh!

New pic' is off the MEATRACK!