Wednesday, October 29, 2008

HowfreshEats Stacks (Potato) Chips Like Hebrews Vol. 3- Hood Bonus Edition

Disclaimer: I am not a potato chip expert, yet. We're getting there. I tried to slow down, but really love late night chip munching. And I don't even do drugs. True story. The problem is I'm exhausting all my options and need to hit another city or state to find that NEW SHITTTT!!!! DJ Clue-esque.

I finally cleaned off my coffee table to facilitate this post. How else would I be able to handle 7 bags of chips? Pause. In Volume 3 we showcase Target's Archer Farms label. I do it for the love, but cut that check family. We also bring you a special bonus fried treat that has become newly available to me. If you missed the earlier Stack Chips posts, click HERE for Vol. 1 and HERE for Vol. 2. On to the potatoes...

Archer Farms Lemon Pepper

These start off sweet and then the abundant amount of pepper takes control. Just look at the pic. If that's not your thing, pass. If it is, these become highly addictive. The tang from the lemon draws you in and then your tongue becomes a victim of a pepper assault. I must be a masochist. Negatives are that too many of the chips are curled and too large. Bite sized, flat chips are the way to go. There are also too many ingredients. I'm trying to go the healthy route so fall back on those preservatives.

Lay's Kettle Cooked Original

I know I said the Sea Salt and Vinegar were my # 1, but the original has knocked them out the box. I'm a regular dude and don't need to be impressed by loud flavors anymore. Give me a nice pair of jeans and a button up. Grown man business. At this stage in my life this is the perfect chip. Great crunch and a perfect balance of salt and sweet, rich potato flavor. They rarely exceed the proper bite size and only consist of 3 ingredients. Potato, sunflower oil, and sea salt. No preservatives. A 9 oz. bag will get tore up in one night. It's not a game.

Archer Farms Wasabi Mustard

Definitely an interesting flavor. Only for the spice/heat lovers. Being one, I enjoy this chip. It conjures up images of eating soft pretzels with spicy mustard outside the Garden after a Knicks game. Speaking of which- these dudes looked good tonight, even if it was the Heat. That D'Antoni 7 second offense was refreshing and Marbury and Curry didn't play. My complaints with Archer are the same as above.

*At this point of the Potato Orgy I begin to feel like shit. I ate a lot before I opened the first bag. But there's no quitting, so I soldier on.

Boulder Canyon Jalapeno Cheddar

Ah yes, the lovely Boulder Canyon. We stopped being exclusive, but she still stops by to feel loved. These chips are weird. They taste like bacon. No bullshit. Their crunch and size is exactly what you want in a chip, but the fried swine factor throws this chip for a loop. At first I was going to write that the jalapeno heat was non existent, but after 7-10 chips, the heat runs right up on you. Didn't find any cheddar flavor in there. But there was plenty of bacon.

Archer Farms Buffalo Wing

Don't really like these. Too sweet, and a funky odor is released upon opening. Rotten food or dirty clothes. I still ate them. The same issues with the other Archer Farms chips. Pass. This was my second disappointing buffalo chip. I don't feel this flavor can be conveyed effectively via a chip.

We need to interrupt this review with breaking news...


...Back to the review.

PopChips Salt & Pepper

Gross. More like potato puffs. Not fried, not baked, NOT GOOD.


Howard's Fried Pork Skins Lime Chile Flavor AKA Chicharron Con Chile y Limon

I love the name. I rarely mess with chicharron, but after having some of the gourmet, hormone free kind last month I was riding a swine magic carpet. They were airy yet crisp, and not overwhelmingly porky. These on the other hand were so hard I thought my teeth would crack and nauseating. Never again.


buckemdown said...

Only HowFresh can get me to read a post that long about potato chips... and enjoy every word of it. I don't know though, bacon chips sound phenomenal to me.

Paul said...

thats exactly what i was thinking midway through. now I'M eating chips...and working on my 48 cans of soda

thekid10705 said...

Jalepeno' Cap Cods!! That's what's up!! said...

It will not succeed in actual fact, that is what I think.