Monday, October 27, 2008

Just Like Baggy Slacks I'm Crazy Hip Hop.

Guru spoke the TRUTH.

I admit, those XXL shirts and 36 waist with the 36 inseam jeans don't cut it anymore. For too long the M.O. was baggied out. But I'm finally growing up. Plus I look like a peanut head with that shit. Like a tadpole becoming a frog, a caterpillar to a butterfly. HowFresh all grows up. I'll admit, it's tough to make that change. Especially with the over sized fitteds. I love that shit. But it does look kind of foolish with properly sized gear. And for the record, I don't own that shirt. The chances of getting punched in the face (see person eating cheesesteak) on a sunny day increase exponentially if I was to rock that. It is awesome though- also in white and black. Spotted it at Vault up in Harlem a little while ago. (Big shout to Wayne, Carl, and Larry at Vault- always stocking the shelves with fly shit.) And to think I was this close to matching my Goochi bucket and skinny jeans. Next time. But there's an "H" at the end. Is that acceptable? That's one step removed from "A". And we all know how I feel about the "H".

Anyway, I came across this video on 2dopeboyz. "Louis this, Gucci that, tight shirt, man purse, I ain't doing that...skinny jeans with the crease you need to kill yourself." That is hilario. I guess these dudes had enough with the new trends infiltrating hip hop's grimy epidermis. WARNING: Your favorite artist will be exposed in this video.

Personally, I think that shit is terrible. Forget aesthetics, it just looks super uncomfortable. I remember wearing my pants below my ass when I was in high school, but they were baggy. When I walk past these kids, their ankles and knees are screaming at me to grab a scissor so they can breathe. And let's not even talk about the oysters. Yikes. How great would it be if a rash of tight jean slashings hit the city. I can see it now- the suspect is entering 100 Centre St. while the pap is asking questions and snapping photos and he matter-of-factly says, "Just like baggy slacks I'm crazy hip-hop." Poetry in motion.

The video's a little more than 7 minutes. That's valuable life time, so you might want to fast forward through it. Just listen to the chorus and peep the end where Duffle Bag Boy is talking. He has some great lines. Really epitomizes what is so wrong in this world of ours.


buckemdown said...

As tight as I can get in the shirt game - and you know I can get tight - there's no excuse for tight pants. Ankle stranglers are a punishable offense. Of course, I'm not speaking on some High School pants around the ankle ish, but rather if you're pant opening can't make it over the tongue on your kicks (unless intentional, to get that break working) then you've got a problem.

That video is Hilario Andretti though. But it's not a murse, it's a European carryall.

P.s. I like the way you flipped the photo How - cheesteaks > lobster all day, eyeday.

thekid10705 said...

This video is my shit!! I'm sick of the new generation with the tight ass look! Back when Hip Hop was real you would, no lie, get jumped for wearing some shit like that!! The Yputh needs better role models..Jada and Buddens please stand up!!