Wednesday, October 1, 2008

H is for How Are You?

Hopefully everybody's doing well. I'm back so hopefully you'll let me back in your life.

Isn't it fitting that an H fitted was delivered as I moved into the new crib? Not really. Just more shit to add to the heap. But all H's are always welcome, so never be afraid to knock on my door. Word on the street is that there might be a navy joint crossing the Pacific as we speak. Don't quote me on that. You would think that I'd be more fiscally responsible in this economic pigpen. Need to drown your sorrows somehow. Better fitteds than drugs.

H is also for Happy New Year, L'a Shana Tovah. It is Rosh Hashannah, the Jewish new year, so prosperity, health , and good fortune to all, even the non Chosen heathens out there. New apartment, new neighborhood, new everything. Saying goodbye to old habits, clutter, shit I don't need, ex wifeys that fuck with your emotions, high fructose corn syrup (don't believe those propaganda commercials), and all the other shit that keeps me immobile. But before I bid farewell to these negative elements, it is important you see how some of it has followed me. The records must have slipped in through the cracks or copied a key while I was sleeping.

That's the kitchen. We got Hip hop for breakfast, lunch and dinner, with some R&B blue plate specials, and the occasional funk or sole (get it??) fresh catch. Each stack is more than 4 feet tall- the longer they remain the worse the grooves get. I should spark up the oven and throw them all in. We should be good to go in several weeks, and then the uptown jumpoff.

On a positive note, the food game is so much better, and within walking distance. Have been to Nuevo Ambiente several times for the Pollo Salteado and Pollo Guisado and these alone are worth the relocation.

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thekid10705 said...

Good to see you back in the game cuz'!!!When's the house party??