Wednesday, October 22, 2008

In the Spirit of Brotherly Love HowFresh Chooses the Phillies.

I'm sorry this took so long. But it just wasn't an easy decision. All the false media speculation as to who I was going to pick didn't help matters. After hours of grueling thought and deep soul searching, I fully throw myself behind the Fightin' Phils.

I'm a Yankees fan. Always have been and always will (these dudes better get their shit together). With that, I've always rooted for the American League. I prefer offense to pitching, and favor a 1 through 9 line-up that can hit. The AL logo is better as well. The soaring eagle holding the ball with its talons is gangsta- powerful. On some you won't take shit from me mentality. The NL is boring. Some spread eagle- AAAYOOOO- with the sign over it.

When I say always rooted for the AL, that doesn't include 2004 and 2007 when the Red Sox were playing. That should go without saying. Honestly, I don't even recall watching those series. Must have been really boring. I would rather watch 2 Girls 1 Cup or the less applauded 2 Girls 1 Finger continuously on repeat than watch any Boston player or fan celebrate.

I don't hate the Rays. They are an enjoyable team to watch and have a roster full of young and exciting players. And how can I forget what BJ (Bossman Jr.) Upton did for my fantasy team last year. But they also fucked with the Yankees in spring training- first by breaking one of our catchers' wrists (Franciso Cervelli) on a slide at home and second by Johnny Gomes attacking Shelley Duncan at second base after he took offense to Duncan's high slide into Iwamura. Shit, we owned them for all these years, but it's still too close to home. They're in my bread box and I'm not feeling it. Of course I wanted them to beat Boston, preferably in 5, but 7 will do. On a total side note- when did all these Red Sox fans infiltrate our land. I mean everywhere you go, you hear these jerks. First it was a crew of herbs in their filthy, never washed Sox hats, but now the female fan is growing in numbers. And they might be the worst species on the planet. I was at Lansdowne Road on 10th Ave betw. 43rd and 44th for the beginning of game 7 - one of the best sports bars in NYC- and these whiny voices wearing Varitek and Pedroia jerseys were all over the place. Have some fucking pride NYC.

I want to be clear that my Met hate wasn't the impetus for this decision. Last summer the boys and I caught a late September game at Citizens Bank Park and it was a blast. It was during the Mets' historic collapse and the place was ROCKING. You know the kid was donning the Ryan Howard jersey. Another point for Philly- player named Howard. Great stadium, great atmosphere, and possibly the #1 reason, great food. Home of the Schmitter. Nuff Said. If you don't know, hit I-95 and get familiar.

I'm not a huge Giants fan (working on it) and the same goes for the Rangers, so I don't harbor any animosity for the Philly fan. And there is no Knicks-Sixers rivalry. Just Knicks-Knicks beef. The city is a great weekend trip for some cheesesteaks (I have the mean itinerary- props to John's Roast Pork on Snyder) and good times. Mitchell & Ness has their flagship store on Chestnut and I still get excited walking in the doors. As if these reasons weren't valid enough to root for J-Roll, Pat the Bat, Ladies Love Chase, Cole as Ice Hamels and Jason Soul Patch Wonder Werth, let's not forget the man we know as Philadelphia Freeway. He killed Paper Planes and is ready to tear shit up in '09.

The Phillies have just 1 title in 125 years. Everybody talks about the Lovable Cubbies, but these dudes are hurting for a championship just as much. 1980 was the last time they hoisted the trophy. The Rays are new to this. Momma Ray popped out the little Devils in 1998, so there is no urgency. Shit, this was the first year they were above 500. Patience little Rays, patience. You have to walk before you run. Just ask the baby bull.

So rock those red frames and let's get it popping. PHILLIES!! PHILLIES!!!

Props to Sports Logos.Net for all the Philly flare. If you ever need a sports logo, they got it.


buckemdown said...

Yeah, that trip definitely solidified The Phillies as my NL bredren. I mean, John's Roast Pork cheesesteaks, Schmitters, Mets falling flat on their face, Kuch talking about what Dennis specifically told him in the car not too, and of course phenomenal mojitos carved out a little space in my heart for Philly. And the Phillies will forever be the symbolic representation of that great, pre-fatherhood, road trip. A tear drops my eye. GO PHILS!!!

HowFresh said...

I guess we'll have to see what it's like post-padrehood. Maybe for their victory parade.

thekid10705 said...

Thanks for the pick Fresh!! Phiily and Chicago are my NL teams..Met suck!!!( so does Nas') Philly is my city, this saturday will be perfect for me to rock my Chase t-shirt with my matching Phila harlems with the liberty bell on the heels-fresh out the box...Philly is 5!!! Chase=MVP

AdebolaVirusSunshine said...

A tough decision?! Who are you kidding? Your man crush on J-roll rivals the one you got for A-rod. Loved watching the pubic hair on Jason Werth's face perspire as he botched that ball in the first inning. Oh yea, and Michael Vick is in jail but Brett Myers isn't, that cowardly wife-beating scumbag? Sickening. Did enjoy your point about the asshole bostonites infiltrating our city though. Go Rays!

PS: Mets > Yankees this year, next year and many years to come. Y'all are in deep doodoo.

JoeSyms said...

howies' back on his grind......bloggin' back on his mind....... through this economic crisis, the world is mine.......

HowFresh said...

Security- Please remove the unruly Mets fan from the premises. This is a grown-up affair and we just don't need this immaturity. From now on 25 and up.

As I've said- the Mets are consistent so I figure they'll blow a double digit lead heading into Sept. next year. 3 in a row baby!! Can't blame it on Willie anymore- love you Willie!! At least they'll be great food in the stands to ease the agita on the field. Shake Shack!! Love the name by the way. And for the record, I dumped A-Rod a while ago. Ask somebody.

Joey S.- who would have thought the man in the suit could spit so gutter. Ry- you got comp in your own hood.

buckemdown said...

Believe it as spoken word - Howie has finally jumped off the A-rod hog. Praise due Allah. He's looking for some room on Chase's though - move over X.

thekid10705 said...

LOL, good looking Buck!! Chase has been my man for awhile now so now disrespect Fresh, step off and get the bozack casue he's all mine..HMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!!! PAUSE!!