Friday, October 24, 2008

Padraig lad, I don't think we're in Woodlawn anymore. Diablo!!

I've been living in Inwood for about a month now. Of course things are different from the former (Irish) enclave, but today that was made crystal clear. Walking on Broadway to get my morning coffee- not everyday, just when I need that little boost from a night out- I saw green plantains serving as paper weights at the newspaper stand. (Click on image for better view- pardon the cell phone pic) Ese es muy sustantivo. And you know there weren't any Irish Echos. Finbar said the bananas weren't ripe.

My super doesn't speak much English, and though I used to be semi-fluent in Espanol- 98 on the Regents- OOOOOWEEEEEEEEE- I've been having some problems asking rather mundane questions. It can be a bit frustrating, but having the following reference tools below should make "I'm locked out of my apartment- can you help me?", "I need a new fire alarm", "What time does the elevator stop going to the basement?" (Is this a common practice?), and so on a bit easier. Many years ago on Dyckman I had troubles asking for a fork, tenedor, but I learned all the takeout jargon and thought my problems were over.

The Gringo's Guide to Espanol- Uptown Edition

AX- Ebonics in Spanish Essential listening- learn this and you'll be the blankito/a, moreno/a con mucho sabor with the quickness.

Fat Joe- Fat Joe's Way (Beefeo Conmigo Skit)

Nice & Smooth- Hip Hop Junkies (Spanish Fly Remix)

The Beatnuts- Se Acabo

Big Pun- 100%

Cypress Hill- No Entiendes La Onda (How I Could Just Kill a Man)

Mellow Man Ace- Mentirosa

And the first Spanglish joints yo me acuerdo.

West Coast lingo...

Kid Frost- La Raza

East Coast lingo... (Who remembers these dudes? I copped their tape- and still have it. This joint was hot when it dropped- dirty bass line. And they kick those Buttafuco flavors. Wow.)

Mesanjarz of Funk- Keep it Flowin' Remix

Mesanjarz of Funk- Keep it Flowin' LP Version

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