Tuesday, October 7, 2008

NY Times Metro Section, You Will Be Missed.

Sunday marked the final installment of the NY Times Metro Section. No longer will local news receive it's own section, but now get thrown in the main section between national news and the obits. It will be referred to as New York news. Whenever I read the paper outside of NYC, the Metro Section was never part of the National edition, which makes all the sense in the world, but it always felt like it was missing something. I don't want that feeling of emptiness to return.

Aside from Wednesday's Dining Out section, the Metro Section was my first read of the day. Sports used to be, but with the internet you can get all the box scores and stats the night before. The Arts Section is always read, as is Tuesday's Science Times. Personally I can do without the Thursday and Sunday Styles, Thursday Home, and Sunday Automobile sections. There, that's how you could have saved. We all know the ad revenue comes from those sections so who am I kidding. Shit, if needed be, I would have advertised HowfreshEats for a month or so. I would have been able to afford one line, if that.

Presumably the content will be the same, but for a NY paper to no longer have an exclusively NY section, it marks a sad day. Last week the Sun had to shut down operations, and today another piece of NY journalism is lost.

Of course it was a financial decision, so maybe we should be thankful that it will only be several sheets of paper being let go and not the team of local reporters and editors. I just find it more difficult to maneuver section A on the train. The slimmer sections make me look so professional. Now I'm going to be a doof on a Monday morning going to check the Metropolitan Diary- which thankfully is still intact.

So Metro Section, farewell. HowfreshEats will do its damnedest to keep the spirit of NYC alive here.

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